Toronto wilts in heat wave

Torontonians are urged to keep cool as temperatures continues to soar during this first heat wave of the season, with no relief expected until the end of the week.

Temperatures hit a whopping 33 C in the city Tuesday, about six degrees above what is normally expected around this time of year.

David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said Torontonians should embrace the warm temperatures but to exercise common sense while doing so.

“I think we should enjoy this kind of weather,” he said. “We live through many cold months so we’re owed some warm summers.”

The real problem, he said, is the humidity, which makes lowers air quality and makes it feel ever hotter.

“If you get a humidex that is around 40, which we’ve had, then even healthy, active people are affected,” Phillips said.

He warned against “being a hero” and urged residents to immediately seek shade or cooler temperatures if they are feeling dizzy, light headed, faint or nauseous.

Those especially vulnerable to the heat such as infants and the elderly, should be given extra consideration during these sticky, hot days.

Emergency cooling stations have been set up across the city to allow people to get out of the heat, rehydrate and cool down in the air conditioning.

Phillips said temperatures are expected to cool off toward the end of the week.

“It will be one or two degrees warmer than normal but (with) no humidity,” Phillips said. “So breathe that Canada air that’s clean and warm.”

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By: Sarah Moore
Posted: Jul 6 2010 6:45 am
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