Wondolowski scores a hat trick in Earthquakes 3-2 win over Toronto FC

The chances to get into the playoffs are vanishing for Toronto FC.

Chris Wondolowski scored three goals in San Jose’s 3-2 victory over the Reds in a Saturday afternoon match at BMO field.

Interim coach Nick Dasovic felt frustrated with the result but is keeping open the hopes for a playoff spot. 

“The way we’re looking at it from our change room is until we’re told differently we’re going to keep fighting,” said Dasovic. “You never know.”

Toronto had the intention, but that was not the problem. Unfortunately for the Reds, games are won with goals and that is exactly what did not happen.

They created enough opportunities to score goals that would have put a shot at the post season back in their pockets. 

San Jose converted the first goal in the third minute after referee Kevin Stott called a penalty when Dan Gargan clipped Bobby Convey in the penalty area. Wondolowski executed the shot giving the first goal to his team.

Contrary to what usually happens after an early goal, Toronto came from the back and started generating those opportunities that were not completed.

Julian de Guzman missed a crossed ball from Jacob Peterson right in front of goalie Jon Busch.

Another chance came at the 24th minute when Chad Barrett gave a pass to captain Dwayne De Rosario who was short to reach the ball.

Barrett, who appeared on almost every play of the Reds, admitted they have a tough task to complete in order to remain alive in the season.  

“This is a real killer, a real beat down,” he said. “We need Seattle and some other teams to blow it and hopefully they do.”

Toronto FC seemed to be close to scoring during the rest of the first half.

Maicon Santos tried with a header after he was assisted by Peterson but it was not near to be a threat for Busch.

The Earthquakes were close to scoring the second goal in the 45th minute when Geovanni struck a free kick that went over the bar.

Stott whistled the end of the first half and the locals went to the change room with the pressure on their shoulders.

The truth is both teams were desperate to win the match. Any other result would mean an early goodbye in the 2010 season.

In the second half Toronto showed some pride and passion.

Mista replaced Gargan looking for a chance to score the goal that they desperately needed.

But the Reds lacked patience.

Wondolowski took advantage of the weaknesses and spaces on the field and scored his 11th goal of the season, his second of the match.

It was a great play built in the midfield that involved four San Jose players to eventually assist Wondolowski with a crossed ball who avoided two defenders to score at 53’.

Despite being beaten three times, goalkeeper Stefan Frei was very optimistic about the next games.

“Technically, we’re not out of it,” said Frei. “And, if anybody in here would throw in the towel at this point they shouldn’t be part of the team.”

In the 65th minute, De Rosario put the team back into the fight with a beautiful goal. He drove the ball through the left touchline and from outside the game area he kicked the ball to put it in the angle.

One minute later, Wondolowski scored his third of the game, in another distraction of the Toronto’s defensive line.

The last goal of the game came in the 79th minute when Barrett drove the ball in the area to pass it to Maicon Santos who put it home and cut the lead to one.

Toronto FC needs a combination of results to have a remote chance to make it to the playoffs.

For now, the Reds will focus on their Tuesday game when they face Real Salt Lake at 8 pm ET at the BMO field as part of the CONCACAF Champions League.

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By: Cecilia Olmos
Posted: Sep 26 2010 6:52 am
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