Thomson bows out of mayoral race

Sarah Thomson has dropped out of the Toronto mayoral race.

She made the announcement at her campaign headquarters Tuesday morning. Rumours of her dropping out surfaced several days ahead of her decision.

Thomson is throwing her support to George Smitherman, she said.

Smitherman sits in second place with 26 per cent of the vote, according to a September Angus Reid mayoral poll.

At the time of her bowing out, Thomson was fourth with 11 per cent, the poll revealed.

Even if Smitherman were to pick up all her support, he would still trail poll leader Rob Ford, who has 39 per cent support.

However, an Ipsos-Reid poll released the day before Thomson’s announcemnet shows the gap to be much smaller with Ford at 28 per cent support to Smitherman’s 23 per cent.

The municipal election is set for Oct. 25.


  1. Do not be fooled by the veneer of civility from Ms. Thomson. She can be a real…glad she dropped out…

  2. Really someone should look into what Smitherman had promised Thomson. Don’t forget, up until Sunday Sarah was denying she was dropping out. What was the catalyst that changed her mind? Reporters need to look into this.

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