Feuding neighbours duke it out in Ward 35 fight for council seat

Former next-door neighbours and current Ward 35 candidates Michelle Berardinetti and John Morawietz are not only battling an ongoing dispute in court, but in the political arena as well.

Morawietz said the legal dispute dates back to October 2008 — four years after Berardinetti moved in to the Birchmount and Danforth Roads area.

He said it started after he crossed through the Berardinettis’ land to fix his fence while he lived at the property with his mother.

Berardinetti threatened to call the police for trespassing, Morawietz said.

He was charged with criminal harassment and mischief to property after an ensuing dispute, he said.

“I had a lot of rights that were broken or squashed,” said Morawietz, who had lived at the address for almost 50 years before moving.

The City of Toronto Act allows necessary repairs to be made on adjoining properties, as long as they give notice and provide compensation in case of damage.

Before the incident, Morawietz said, the Berardinettis’ received a burning newspaper in their mailbox and installed security cameras around their house.

Berardinetti was not available for comment because she is a witness in the court proceedings, the co-chair of her campaign, Suzanne vanBrommel, said in an email to the Toronto Observer.

Although Morawietz said he isn’t running in the Oct. 25 election because of the conflict, he hinted that it inspired him to look into politics as a way to make changes to the city.

“Throughout my life I have had brushes with people in power,” he said. “It gave me time to look at the bigger fish in life.”

Morawietz is proposing TTC expansion options and the clean up of old factories to improve air quality.

“As far as they’re concerned I’m not at their level,” he said.

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By: Nadia Persaud
Posted: Oct 15 2010 1:25 pm
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3 Comments on "Feuding neighbours duke it out in Ward 35 fight for council seat"

  1. John morawietz | October 22, 2010 at 7:52 am |

    “I had every right to access the adjoining Berardinetti” LAND “to repair my mums house” etc.
    I have some new pictures on Facebook.com, check them out.

  2. John morawietz | October 22, 2010 at 7:47 am |

    The Criminal Harassment charge stemmed directly from an incident on July 4th of 2008 when Michelle called the Police (911) to complain that someone was breaking down the foundation of her home with a sledge hammer. I was undertaking work agreed to in earlier conversations with the Berardinetti’s that I would modify to good cause a certain defective retaining wall. She and the cops told me they would charge me with trespassing if I so much as stepped on her property. Lorenzo is an MPP for the Liberal party at Queens park. I had every right to access the adjoining Berardinetti to repair my mums house but NOOOO, not Johnny, he’s a mentally ill unemployed ^$*hole, Sure. Disclosure documentation show they told the cops I was always yelling and screaming at them, not in the least.
    FYI, yes Michelle did cost the taxpayer and Adrian $250.000 when she sued Heaps, $150.000 went to reviews on why Heaps should take $100.000 from city Hall to cover his legal bills. She settled for only $20.000.
    Recent consultations with the public show disfavor toward both candidates.

  3. John morawietz | October 20, 2010 at 10:36 am |

    Correction: the Right to Adjoining lands to Make Repairs #101 of the Municipal Toronto Act says a person/agent can enter a neighboring property to make repairs on their own home but must repair the neighboring land to its original state.
    Excitement between myself and M+L Berardinetti’s began July 4th 2008, Lorenzo utilised Police to drive me out of the home, a ploy to bring about Sale of the property, my mother’s home, I was her handyman. I talked with Lorenzo October of 2008 and disclosed plans to redevelop my mums property. During summer of2009 Mr L Berardinetti was caught yelling, calling police repeatedly, and falsely accusing me of kiling a cat, of being unemployed and nuts, of arson, of property damage to the property line, and whatever he could conjur up to convince police I was a mental retard and dangerous to Lorenzo and his wife.
    For a few dollars more eh? Everyone knows Michelle went after Adrian Heaps after she lost a 2006 election to council. Guess what, the suit cost the tax payer about $250.000 at the end of the day. She has costed me about $50.000 and my ability to re-invest with the equity. I was “Self Employed. The Berardinetti’s tried to kill me by getting me confined to a dangerous place I once told Lorenzo I was a Murder attempt victim in the place some years back.
    I did successfully process Criminal Harassment charges against Lorenzo Berardinetti back in Dec. 2009. A Liberal supprter Crown Council carelessly withdrew them in July of 2010 due to a lack of a certain recording of Lorenzo containing vicious threats against the household of my mother,my sibling, and myself. The recording was in the courthouse all along and was Police evidence against me.
    I’m about to declare BANKRUPTCY thanks to the difficulties brought about by everyone involved.
    $50.000, Fifty THOUSAND DOLLARS, LOST,due to Michelle and Lorenzo Berardinetti, OHHH YEA.
    More later.

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