De Baeremaeker is a grassroots winner

Glenn De Baeremaeker (r) presents the first slice of victory cake to his young supporter and volunteer Melroy Cookhorn.

Kaneiaa Jaymoorthy contacted Glenn De Baeremaeker’s Ward 38 office when he had difficulty receiving a permit to build a fence on his property.

“Glenn’s staff came to my house,” Jaymoorthy said. “Glenn took the problem to the city and talked to the city.”

This direct engagement is apparently not unusual for De Baeremaeker.

“Sometimes my staff will come to your house in person and have a look at it (problem),” De Baeremaeker said. “I work very hard. We give good customer service.”

Tonight De Baeremaeker won his third consecutive victory in Scarborough Centre. De Baeremaeker garnered 10,310 votes (62.8 per cent), while his main rival Glenn Middleton earned 4, 169 (25.4 per cent) in the election.

The atmosphere was buoyant at De Baeremaeker’s victory party in Bombay Palace on 795 Markham Rd. The re-elected councillor was asked how he will work with newly elected Mayor Rob Ford, even though De Baeremaeker had supported Joe Pantalone’s run for mayor.

“I vote for anything that makes Scarborough better and Toronto better,” he said. “I don’t care if it’s David Miller, Rob Ford or Joe Pantalone.”

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By: Alima Hotakie
Posted: Oct 25 2010 10:26 pm
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2 Comments on "De Baeremaeker is a grassroots winner"

  1. It’s not Kaneiaa Jaymoorthy. It’s Kandiah Jeyamoorthy.

  2. Its hard to believe any self-respecting man, women or Child would type words into the combination, i see before me.
    This is just utter and complete garbage, This is a man who bills the city for his phone bills, and pays $648 got 500 sticky notes. Are they embroidered with gold, or dipped into the blood of virgins?
    This is a man who spent $12 000 000, to put bike lanes on Brimorton without consulting the residents. As well as installing splash pads in other neighborhoods again without consulting residents. paying ob seen amounts for what virtually is a pad of concrete with pipes in them. (est Cost. $750 000)[payed $2 000 000]
    When his actions were questioned by a resident, his response was what you would expect self-righteous and defensive.
    Congrats ward 38 on electing what is sure to be the biggest dolt in the history of Scarborough politics. To everyone else who didn’t vote for him I feel and share your pain.

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