Disappointment as Hall loses in Ward 44

A quiet hum of disbelief fell over Diana Hall’s campaign office as the results of the Ward 44 Scarborough East race were announced at 10 p.m. Monday night.

Hall lost to incumbent Ron Moeser by 284 votes.

“I’m surprised. I’m really surprised,” Hall said after reading the final results. “We had a lot of positive feedback from residents, but maybe some of them didn’t get out to vote.”

The atmosphere before the final count was silent and intense. The tension could be cut with a knife, said Scarborough resident Mike Harris. Volunteer staff were speechless as they waited for the last two polling stations to report.

“I’m surprised,” said Carolyn Elbertsen, a Hall supporter. “I was hoping for some change.”

Barbara O’Kane and Lynda Seaton, both long-time friends of Hall, remained positive until the final moments, talking about Hall’s work ethic and her desire to be councillor.

“I’m not surprised [by Diana Hall being elected],” said Ward 39 councillor Mike Del Grande when he thought Hall would win the race. “She’s worked really hard and almost got in last time. Moeser has been booted out of council once before. He has not really done anything special, really sparkling.”

Hall said she was surprised at her loss.

“Sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles,” she said, addressing her family, volunteers and supporters. “Thank you everyone for all of your support — I had the best team of volunteers.”

Hall said she has not yet thought about running in the next election, but will make that decision at a later date.

—With files from Billy Courtice

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Posted: Oct 25 2010 11:53 pm
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3 Comments on "Disappointment as Hall loses in Ward 44"

  1. In the last 3 elections more people have voted against our do nothing retired in place councillor than for him. Toronto voted for change but ward 44 voted for the same high spending ghost at city hall. We could have had a breath of fresh air but instead we will have 4 years of nothing. Rob Ford thinks Ron moeser is a clown so we will have no influence in the city. Ron publishes that Diana ran for the conservatives yet one of his staff is the president of the local conservative party. This is typical moeser, mis-information and lies, anything to get re-elected and stay on the gravy train.

  2. Whoever runs for Ward 44 has to do two things: Extend a SUBWAY on Sheppard (not streetcars) and protect the Rouge from greedy developers. Moeser has more experience although Hall’s promise of reduced spending was admirable

  3. Whoever made the comment Ron moeser hasn’t done anything spectacular is naive or just plain stupid. Diana hall’s downfall is her association to Gaye Cowbourne who was useless and Hall was her right hand person. I think Hall should try another ward because this one has told her no thanks twice.

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