Change is not in the cards for Scarborough Centre

While the majority of Scarborough councillors opted to endorse changes this election, Scarborough Centre residents voted to keep more of the same.

Michael Thompson was re-elected in Ward 37 with a whopping 83 per cent majority and swept the competition with 15,129 votes. He has represented his ward since 2003, and his platform has been focused on a commitment to improving economic and community developments in the area.

According to Ward 37 resident Jose Rhodes, this is exactly what the community wants to keep seeing for the next four years.

“He’s produced a lot of recreational and businesses facilities that were needed in the area and it’s given it quite a boost,” Rhodes said. “I’ve voted for Michael since 2003 and will every year [because] he’s a caring individual who produces.”

The large margin of votes Thompson got on Oct. 25 proved that the vast majority of the community wants to see more of what the councillor has already been doing.

“Everything we have done has been based on the needs of the community,” Thompson said. “We haven’t actually taken on an initiative that we didn’t feel [the community] desired to change or to add to.”

Thompson is an active member of The Kennedy Road BIA and the Wexford Heights BIA, which he spearheaded in 2004. He has said he will continue to work toward a prosperous partnership between the business and residential sector in the community.

“We’re going to be working hard to bring more business opportunity into the community in the term ahead, and we will continue to help Scarborough Centre’s businesses prosper,” Thompson said.

Thompson has been involved in numerous community initiatives to improve the overall quality of life in the area, including the introduction of the Taste of Lawrence festival and is now working on a streetscaping initiative on Lawrence Avenue in conjunction with the Wexford Heights BIA.

“We have a street plan that we are working on to make the area more green,” said Hussein Ayoub, Chair of the Wexford Heights BIA. “We are looking to create more places for people to sit, a park for people to get together and socialize and a general increase in the attractiveness of Lawrence to the community.”

Hussein also said that The Taste of Lawrence Festival is expanding this year to include more vendors and events so as to draw a bigger crowd.

Thompson said he is going to continue to improve community relations for his next term in office.

“Community is really what it’s all about,” Thompson said. “It’s about people working together, and on behalf of each other, to ensure that we all have a better quality of life in our city.”

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By: Sarah Moore
Posted: Nov 1 2010 3:44 am
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