Close call spices up TCDSB elections

A race so close it was almost a tie threw a little excitement into an otherwise uneventful election for Scarborough’s Catholic school board trustees.

Carol Williams and Tobias Enverga bumped each other back and forth all night as polls reported results for TCDSB Ward 8 (Scarborough). The two candidates remained separated by a fraction of a per cent until Enverga snagged a last minute win, coming out 36 votes ahead after the last poll reported.

“We found out there were some irregularities that happened within that last poll,” Williams said, adding that her team was looking into it for their own clarification. “There were machine malfunctions as well as a possible power outage.”

Enverga said he was unaware of any irregularities but he wasn’t concerned.

“I trust in our election capabilities,” he said.

As for Scarborough’s other two wards, the race was pretty much over as soon as it began.

“As a candidate, one never expects to win but one hopes to win,” said Nancy Crawford, the new trustee for TCDSB Ward 12 (Scarborough). Crawford held on to 50 per cent of the votes from the time polls closed until the last poll reported.

“Appealing to the Catholic electorate is a very complex thing,” said Crawford. “I think my qualifications –educational and employment –and membership in my parish, and active participation in my parish, went a long way.”

As a newcomer, Crawford admits she is just learning about the job but she has plans to work toward bringing the board together.

“We’re there as trustees of the students – to care for the students, the students’ education and the students’ faith development, and that’s what we need to concentrate on,” said Crawford.

The Catholic school board will include at least one familiar face from Scarborough. TCDSB Ward 7 (Scarborough/North York) voted incumbent John Del Grande, Councillor Mike Del Grande’s son, back in for another term.

“From what I heard, most people were satisfied with my performance,” Del Grande said.

Del Grande came out ahead of his only competitor, Michael Issa, as soon as polls closed and stayed there until the end. He won with 69 per cent of the votes.

“I’d been to a lot of churches, a lot of homes, a lot of community events and I wasn’t overly concerned because I think I’d really have to misread the public if I didn’t think I could hold onto the seat,” Del Grande said.

With another four years on the board, he shares Crawford’s interest in ensuring the trustees work together.

“We need to immediately come together and figure out our priorities because we don’t need a fractured board,” Del Grande said.

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By: Kimberlee Nancekivell
Posted: Nov 1 2010 8:45 am
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