East Scarborough chemical leak sparks warning

A chemical spill at a factory located at off Coronation Drive has caused police to warn residents in the area to stay indoors.

According to eyewitness Markus Agur the commotion all started around noon.

“I could hear a lot of sirens so I stepped outside to see what was going on. I asked a firefighter and he told me that there had been a sulphuric acid spill, and that I should stay indoors for the rest of the day,” Agur said.

Agur works in a warehouse located across the street, and said there were at least six fire trucks on scene and an EMS bus.

Coronation Drive is located south-east of Morningside Avenue and Larwence Avenue East.

The TDSB has posted on their website that the following schools will remain inside for the rest of the day: Joseph Brant, Heron Park, Peter Secor, and William G. Miller.

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By: Bradley Featherstone
Posted: Nov 3 2010 12:31 pm
Filed under: News