West Hill church expansion builds excitement

West Hill’s Grace Presbyterian Church expansion project is building excitement along with extra space, assistant pastor Rev. Mona Scrivens says.

“People are getting excited about the potential and knowing that this extension was very important, people are rallying behind it,” she said. “Overall it’s been a very, very positive experience.”

The extension won’t be ready until January, Scrivens said. September had been set as the original completion date, but construction didn’t begin until August because of an event the church wanted to hold and issues with attaining permits.

Work is now in full swing on the expansion, which includes an administrative pod, three offices, a volunteer space, a reception area and an expanded hallway.

“It’s taking shape and it’s looking fabulous,” Scrivens said.

She described Phase 1 of the expansion as necessary to cover immediate staffing and workspace needs.

“There’s this sense of excitement when you see that we’re building rather than tearing things down or talking about closing,” Scrivens said. “There’s an excitement for sure.”

Phase 2 of the work, which church leadership continues to look into, would include the expansion of the sanctuary. Although Phase 2 is not in the church’s immediate future, Scrivens said it’s something church leaders are hoping to do at some point.

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By: Patrycja Klucznik
Posted: Nov 28 2010 2:45 pm
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