Agincourt library more than just a place to read

It seems the Agincourt Public Library is about more than just books.

The library hosted its third Green Crafts for Teens workshop Dec. 7, offering youth age 11 to 19 the opportunity to make something old new again.

“We live in such a throw-away society, but there are so many things you can reuse to make beautiful things,” said Margaret Godden, librarian and leader of the workshop.

The teens at the workshop spent an hour busily sewing old socks into puppets.

Godden said the program offers teens and tweens a safe and fun atmosphere to learn new skills and make friends.

“You learn how to sew and learn other new things that help you evolve and make new friends,” said Narmitha Nageswaran, a frequent attendee of the workshops offered at the library.

Nageswaran is also part of the library’s Youth Advisory Group. Teens in the group mentor younger children and the time they put in helps knock off some of the volunteer hours that they need to graduate from high school.

The library makes community programs, like the craft workshop, a big part of its mandate, offering ESL classes, yoga sessions, and teen-focused activities.

“We try to have something for every age group so that the community will use the library,” said Rose Pinto, Againcourt library’s branch head. “It’s not the quiet library where you are shushed, but more like your living room.”

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By: Sarah Moore
Posted: Dec 9 2010 10:24 am
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