Scarborough councillors in charge at city hall

Mayor Rob Ford announced his committee appointments Nov. 29, including several Scarborough councillors.

Ward 37 councillor Michael Thompson said it’s not surprising Ford looked east for positions.

“Scarborough is full of smart people,” he said.

As the appointee for the economic development board, Thompson plans to use his business background to create jobs.

“We want to create an environment where businesses see Toronto as an attractive place to conduct business to get the best amount of jobs possible,” Thompson said.

Ward 40 councillor Norm Kelly was appointed to parks and environment.

“I’m like a graduate student,” Kelly said. “I want to get their perspective of what worked, what didn’t, what they liked about it before I make a thesis.”

Both men agree Ford’s appointments are not anything new for Scarborough residents.

“Scarborough has always sat on all the major committees on council,” Kelly said. “I don’t subscribe to the feeling that Scarborough has been ignored. It’s just that the media tends to focus on downtown councillors more.”

Other Scarborough committee appointments include: Ward 39 councillor Mike del Grande as budget chief; an at-large committee member, Ward 43 councillor Paul Ainslie for the government management portfolio; and Ward 35 councillor Michelle Berardinetti as an at-large committee member.

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By: Nadia Persaud
Posted: Dec 13 2010 10:56 am
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