A tribute to Robbie Burns

Yer oot yer face!

This old Scottish phrase, meaning “You’re very drunk!”, is one of the more common cliches of Robbie Burns Day, an annual celebration dedicated to the poet and lyricist.

The beer tap flows, the bagpipes wail, and the Address of the Haggis is given for this Scottish holiday on Jan.25.

The Olde Stone Cottage Pub on Kingston Rd., Scarborough, celebrated the festivities in true traditional fashion.  For $35, guests received an appetizer of haggis, a roast beef dinner, and free whiskey sampling.

The night was entertaining too, with the Address of the Haggis, an ode to the Scottish classic of sheep’s heart, liver, lung, and stomach.  Music was handled throughout the night by a bagpiper, playing both traditional Scottish folk songs and modern hits.

What night would be complete without sampling some fine whiskeys?  Participants got to sample various kinds, and had the opportunity to win even more, a blessing and a curse.

But why not?  As Burns used to say: Freedom and Whiskey gang thegither!

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By: Alex Kozovski
Posted: Jan 30 2011 9:22 am
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