Evolution of Gospel Music kicks off Black History Month

The sounds of heavenly music will once again introduce this year’s Black History Month to Scarborough.

The Evolution of Gospel Music is set to run on Feb. 4 and 5 at Global Kingdom Ministries at 1250 Markham Rd.

“The Evolution of Gospel Music is a mixture of dance, drama, music and multimedia that takes audiences on a musical journey from the early days of Negro spirituals through the turmoil of the ’60s to today’s contemporary gospel music scene,” event publicist Robin Viau said.

The event features a powerful show focusing on the defining moments of black culture, she said.

“It shows us how people survived the worst of times and best of times with gospel music,” Viau said. “It’s music that kept our ancestors going. It empowers us, gives us strength and a sense hope. Gospel is the music of the people.”

Cast members join alongside the Toronto Mass Choir to perform a gospel spiritual, Let my people go. The event opened with several spirituals dating back from 1865. These spirituals are otherwise known as the beginning of gospel music within black culture.

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Although Christian singer Joel Anderson, who leads his own church’s praise and worship team, will not be singing in the production, he said he will attend to honour the music that has impacted him.

“I was introduced to gospel music at a very early age,” Anderson said. “It’s so important that we, as a community, pay tribute to something that’s been so influential in our culture,” he said. “It hasn’t only changed our lives, but it’s changed so many others, regardless of their skin colour.”

“Gospel music is the grandfather of all of the Black music that we love today,” Viau said. “The voices belonging to mega stars such as Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston are all a testament to the power of this great genre.”

For more information about The Evolution of Gospel Music and to purchase tickets, visit evolutionofgospelmusic.com or call 905-794-1139.

Observer Radio News: In Scarborough, this year’s Black History Month started in a holy way.

Global Kingdom Ministries hosted an event looking at the evolution of gospel music and black history.

Observer Radio News reporter Erica Tiangco has more.


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