TTC heeds public over bus route concerns, scales back cuts

The TTC voted Wednesday on cuts to 41 bus routes, seven fewer than were originally facing the knife.

Public consultations over the last few weeks drew various objections to the cuts originally proposed to all 48 routes.

“I want the TTC to look into timing and scheduling,” Scarborough resident Marjorie Nicalou said at a Jan. 26 public meeting at the Scarborough Civic Centre. “I see buses go by on weeknights and it’s empty, but they should still offer hourly service. This brings major concern for the elderly.”

Malvern resident Rathika Sitsabaiesan said one of her concerns with the cuts is that once they’re enacted, they may never be undone.

“It’s not like we’re ever going to get a subway,” she said. “I was told at the meeting it will be a hundred years before a subway comes to Scarborough.

“I know people who might have to quit work because of this. Service should get better over time, but they’re just taking [it] away and making it more difficult.”

TTC officials, including chair Karen Stintz and service manager Mitch Stambler, were at the Jan. 26 meeting to hear concerns and answer questions from community members.

“The data [of the routes and ridership] is always available and at the ready,” Stambler said. “We had to decide what the cutoff would be [and] check the area for community access so we don’t leave a gaping hole.”

According to the TTC, the cuts to the 41 bus routes will mean a savings of $4 million, which a staff report said should be used address overcrowding on other routes.

“The route changes being proposed will help increase service on routes where it will be needed most this fall in anticipation of record-level ridership this year of 487 million,” according to TTC information at the meeting.

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Posted: Feb 3 2011 7:47 pm
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