Rape on school property alleged in lawsuit

Allegedly raped on school property and declared a slut on Facebook, Kate (not her name) found high school to be a real-life nightmare.

Kate was “repeatedly harassed, sexually assaulted, tormented, physically and emotionally abused” by a boy in her school, according to a claim she filed recently with Toronto Superior Court.

Sixteen at the time, she complained to vice-principal, Vince Meade, about the threats made against her. According to Kate, he took no steps to protect her.

Shortly after, the boy allegedly raped her on school property.

He and another student “openly abused the plaintiff” and “acted irresponsibly and irrationally” toward her, according to the claim.

“She’s issued a statement of claim and we’re waiting for a response,” Kate’s lawyer, Sandra Zisckind, said.

After the alleged rape, her situation escalated to depression, suicidal thoughts and decreased confidence and self-esteem.

Allegedly, another female student joined the boy in verbally attacking Kate and bullying her online by creating a Facebook page. They also supposedly embarrassed her in front of her classmates and threatened her.

Her family has filed a  $4.25-million lawsuit for psychological injury and special damages for “medical, educational and other costs and expenses.”

Kate, who reportedly attempted suicide months later, finally revealed the alleged rape to her father, prompting the family to take legal action against Meade, the school board, the alleged rapist and the female student.

The boy accused of raping her was acquitted at a criminal trial. Neither his name nor the female student’s are being released because of their ages at the time.

School principal, Paul Ambrose, was unable to comment on the case specifically, but spoke about the programs in place to solve social conflict in the school, including Girl Space and Peer Mediation.

“The girls sit down, and they talk about the issues that they’re facing,” Ambrose explained. “The vast majority of kids say they feel very safe in this school.”

The Toronto District School Board did not respond to calls.

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By: Maryam Musharaf Shah
Posted: Feb 7 2011 3:13 pm
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