Kingston Road should go under the knife

Change is inevitable. The only way to move this city forward is to bulldoze the old and build up the new.

Talks of redeveloping Kingston Road may become a reality, according to Ward 36 councillor Gary Crawford.

In getting rid of the unappealing buildings and concrete, Crawford wants to make this area a lot greener — and I couldn’t agree more. In the mid 20th century, this was the hotspot where tourists stayed travelling from Kingston to Toronto.

Decades later, the community has changed and currently consists of car dealerships, rusty motels and abandoned businesses.

It seems the land was also being used for families on welfare who started to live in the motels with no recreational activities near by.

To make it a place where families can go and enjoy the bike lanes and beautiful residential areas will definitely be an improvement to the overall feel of the area.

Businesses aren’t too keen on the idea, but if they can work with the redevelopment, they could potentially attract more customers with bigger and better workspaces.

If the timing and funds go smoothly — especially with the Pan Am Games coming up — I truly believe the reconstruction will work wonders for the Kingston Road community.

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By: Jessica Moy
Posted: Feb 27 2011 8:55 am
Filed under: Opinion