Time for the social media generation to leave its mark

May 2 marks Canada’s 41st general federal election, and the fourth time Stephen Harper and his band of Tories vie to form the nation’s government.

The last federal election, in 2008, saw the percentage of registered voters drop to its lowest level in history, and the percentage of overall voters dip to its lowest total in 40 years.

And Scarborough was no exception.

One reason for this voter apathy that politicians point to is Canada’s youth. Our elections generally receive much less support from voters age 18 to 21. Why is that? Are young adults too cool?

The answer: Politicians haven’t made an effort to reach out to the new generation of voters. They rarely target youth and their needs.

But this year is different. This year marks our first real social media election, an election that’s making politicians more accessible than ever before.

Now is the time for the younger generation to brush up on their politics, to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the Green Party or the NDP. This election offers a powerful opportunity for the youth to share their thoughts and experiences with all of Canada, federal politicians included.

Don’t sit back and watch others shape your Canada. Use social media to your advantage. Use it to know more about the candidates, their policies and what they will offer you. Have a say in who will shape your future.

Lets capitalize on this opportunity and vote like we’ve never voted before.

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By: Kyle Larkin
Posted: Apr 6 2011 6:29 pm
Filed under: Canada Votes 2011 Opinion