Liberal incumbent says infrastructure should be priority in York Centre

Ken Dryden, Liberal candidate for York Centre, says Toronto’s infrastructure will soon crumble if the government continues to run the city the way it has been for the past few years.

“Every year the government is falling behind in terms of building a better infrastructure,” he said. “Very soon, expenditures will kick in and taxes and prices on almost everything will fluctuate if we don’t react soon.”

Dryden and his fellow York Centre candidates — Conservative Mark Adler, NDP Nick Brownlee and Green Party Rosemary Fray — attended a debate held at the Balmoral Homeowners’ Association April 13.

Dryden said money that was put into government by the Conservatives years ago wasn’t beneficial because barely anything has changed.

“During the recession, efforts were made to stabilize the government and federal money was implemented to continue Canada’s thriving economy,” Dryden said. “Any government would’ve done this act under these circumstances, but citizens are still suffering.”

Rosemary Fray, the candidate representing the Green Party, sided with Dryden when she spoke on Harper wanting total control of the country.

“Mr. Harper has given a bad name to working together,” Fray said. “He has a child-like mentality and always wants to have things his way.”

Adler shot back at his opponents by listing a number of implementations the Conservatives have done since they’ve been in power.

“Our party has travelled all over the world and met with many leaders in order to continue Canada’s legacy of good partnerships,” Adler said.

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By: Kris Ali-Trotman
Posted: Apr 14 2011 12:41 pm
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