Malvern volunteers spring to action ahead of Earth Day

The sounds of birds chirping and the fresh spring breeze blowing through the city are greeting Scarborough residents seeking a fresh beginning ahead of the summer months.

The first step for many looking to turn a new leaf is participating in the annual Earth Day spring cleaning.

In its 41st year and celebrated in over 170 countries, Earth Day this year is on Good Friday, April 22. Since it falls on a holiday, many events in Scarborough are set to take place throughout the week.

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Annual Earth Day Clean-up: The four spots where the Malvern Youth Cabinet took enthusiastic volunteers to pick up litter.

The Malvern Youth Cabinet hosted its annual Earth Day cleanup on April 14. Participants snapped on gloves and picked litter at four locations: Malvern Recreation Centre, Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute, the Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC) and Neilson Park.

“It’s as important as your own backyard,” volunteer Simone Spence said. “It’s our chance to preserve and do our part, keeping it green.”

Amy Semenuk, MFRC seniors centre manager, spent her Earth Day picking up pop cans and napkins in Neilson Park and planting a spring garden at the MFRC with another group of volunteers.

“The pedestrians are the ones making the mess and I think we need to take responsibility to clean it up as well,” she said.

Volunteer Kirsten Bernardino said she came out for the sake of doing her part for the community.

“Earth Day is giving time to think about the Earth in terms of how we treat it and giving it a little respect and attention,” she said.

It’s our fault if we don’t lend Mother Nature a helping hand, Spence said.

“So you drop something and I’m a total stranger,” she said. “I can pick it up for you. If not, it will just be there and so on and just build up.”

Semenuk agreed.

“It’s important that we make the effort,” she said.

Some Scarborough residents recently got together for some one-on-one time with Mother Nature. On April 14, the Malvern Youth Cabinet gathered enthusiastic volunteers who got down and dirty to keep our local parks clean. Observer Radio News reporter Jessica Moy has more.


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