Scarborough students wins $5K each in Scrabble match

Two Scarborough kids, Alex Li and Jackson Smylie from Jack Miner Senior Public School, won $10,000 in an international Scrabble match in Orlando, Florida, on the weekend.

The word that won the championship was “carnate”, good for 87 points.

Li and Smylie beat more then 400 students, including the reigning champions from Windham, New Hampshire.


  1. Carnate did not win the championship. It was played early on in the final game and just one of several winning moves. There were also seven other games prior to the final one.

    The kids spent hundreds of hours preparing for the tournament. There was nothing capricious about their victory.


  2. The word “carnate” did not win the championship. It was just one move among many (including some bold and calculated risks) that helped the kids secure the victory.


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