Tories missing in action in education debate

Incumbent Liberal MPP Donna Cansfield believes in her relationship with school trustee Chris Glover to boost education in Etobicoke Centre. Even though some of the questions she was asked were directly his jurisdiction, she was willing to help where she can.

“We are all in this together. There are certain responsibilities that are his and certain responsibilities that are mine,” Cansfield said. “There are areas where we can collaborate and work together.”

While she was answering an audience question about community programs for physical activity, Cansfield stated that even though she acknowledges the issue, Glover was responsible for fixing it. He responded from the audience jokingly “we need more money” which prompted a brief chuckle from the attendees.

On Monday night, Cansfield participated in a provincial election debate about education, featuring fellow candidates NDP candidate Ana Maria Rivero and Cheryll San Juan representing the Green Party. Progressive Conservative Candidate Mary Anne De Monte-Whelan did not attend. The forum was moderated by National Post senior writer Peter Kuitenbrower.

Another issue that garnered some reaction was the absence of the Progressive Conservative candidate, which met with disappointment among those in attendance. One woman yelled out “why didn’t the conservative candidate come?” Glover explained De Monte-Whelan regrets her absence, but the audience appeared not accept the claim.

Cansfield did not shy away from taking advantage of the Tory absence:

“It’s very disappointing that the Conservatives chose not to participate (tonight), education is pivotal,” she said. “That means they don’t think (education)’s worthwhile. And for me that’s a line in the sand.”

Trustee Glover also expressed how he felt about the PC party choosing to not attending debates.

“My understanding is that the conservative candidates aren’t coming to any of the debates and I don’t know why,” Glover said. “It’s disappointing because… I think it’s an opportunity to communicate their platform on education.”

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By: Lloyd Quansah
Posted: Sep 20 2011 5:40 pm
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  1. Ernest Horvath | September 26, 2011 at 8:18 am |

    You can make promises all you want but the fact is we are in so much debt there is no money to promise anything to anyone.
    After the election ..all one has to do is world crisis , now is not the time to spend.
    What’s to debate Ontario is broke and losing jobs at an alarming rate.

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