Wind turbines issue could sway voters’ decisions in Scarborough-Guildwood

The Liberals have found it harder to hold their traditional support base this year due to a widespread opposition against wind turbines at the shoreline of Rouge River and the Scarborough Bluffs.

With the Liberals holding all of Scarborough’s six ridings, the Progressive Conservatives have found one big reason to sway voters’ decisions in this year’s election.

Ever since the Liberals flushed out their Ontario Green Energy Act in 2009, concerns have been raised upon whether renewable power is ultimately beneficial for Ontario citizens.

Scarborough residents especially have been querying whether they should continue with their support of the Liberals if it means continuation with the act and problems that are raised by local wind farms.

“The Liberals don’t care about science, democracy, or reasonable economics,” said John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario and a resident of Scarborough-Guildwood.

“The reason that people’s health are being affected is because a lot of these wind turbines are situated too close to residences. It is anti-democratic and aggressive that the Liberals don’t admit the failure of the wind turbines and these jobs that they failed to create. Banning the wind turbines would be a good start for the Liberals, they have to acknowledge what they have done.”

Scarborough-Guidwood’s Progressive Conservative candidate Gary Ellis agreed with Laforet that many voters in his riding do not want wind turbines off of their waterfront.

“The effects of wind turbines have not been properly researched,” he said.  “They cause environmental issues and affect the population of wildlife at Rouge Park including seagulls.  We now have to deal with an industrial footprint caused by the turbines.  People have been handing me hundreds of articles about the adverse effects of the turbines.”

He explained that many have misunderstood the moratorium on offshore wind farms declared by the Liberal government back in February as a stoppage of wind farms.

“The moratorium just postpones offshore wind projects for an estimated one to two years.  Voters should look out for short-term promises that the Liberals make, the Conservative party strives to make long-term promises instead.”

Ellis has been actively supporting Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie’s bid to pull Toronto Hydro’s wind-measuring anemometer out of the Scarborough Bluffs.

Sherri Lange, founding director of Toronto Wind Concerns, thinks that the wind turbine issue has been one of the top issues governing how Scarborough residents will vote in the October election.

“Scarborough is a mixed bag, there is a lot of people but an increasing number of them have been educated about this [wind turbines] issue and will vote against it,” she said.

“Voters should dig a little deeper and find out how the turbines will hurt the economy and human health.  I have been out canvassing and talking to people who realized that the moratorium on offshore wind farms is just for now.  There needs to be a wake up call to action when people realize that it depends on the party elected that will determine whether the Green Energy Act will be completely gutted.”

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By: Janice Yeung
Posted: Sep 20 2011 7:20 pm
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6 Comments on "Wind turbines issue could sway voters’ decisions in Scarborough-Guildwood"

  1. Good Bye Wind Turbines and Good Bye Liberals!
    DAM right I’m not going to vote for the Liberals if
    they want to junk up Ontario’s great lake with
    Industrial Wind Turbines.
    That is just wrong and if they don’t get that
    god help them. Even worst they want farms to accept wind turbines
    less than 100 feet away from their home. They are crazy!!!
    The liberal party does not listen to the people!
    They need to take a hike!!!

  2. Ernest Horvath | September 22, 2011 at 10:49 am |

    Here’s the CBC story.
    You decide , but decide on facts.

  3. Harvey Wrightman | September 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm |

    “It is by now clear to everyone that “Wind Concerns Ontario” is a political organization promoting the Progressive Conservatives.”

    It is quite the opposite of what you say. Like many others who have supported the Liberals for many years, we are incensed with the way this program is being rammed down our throats. At a public meeting about wind power, former Minister of Agriculture and Liberal MP, Ralph Ferguson, asked rhetorically, “Have we been duped?” Ralph has outspoken in his criticism of the wind program.
    Wind energy is broadly despised by rural residents and public anger will not subside until an independent, epidemiological study is done that will provide a basis for safe setbacks. Neither the industry, nor government has ever commissioned such a study. Why??? What are they afraid of?

  4. Nobirdchoppers | September 21, 2011 at 9:18 am |

    2007 before election Liberals announce environment concerns about offshore wind and cancel the offshore plan

    2008 after election Liberals announce no environment concerns go ahead with offshore wind plans

    2011 before election Liberals announce environment concerns about offshore wind and cancel the offshore plan

    2012 after election Liberals announce…? (if they get elected)

    Also, March 2011
    They claim to have cancelled plans to put in 700 turbines in Lake St. Clair and Western Lake Erie.

    Now they have announced that they will immediately put in a $2 billion tranmission line ‘west of London’. What is the reason for this transmission line? Where are Lake St. Clair and Western Lake Erie? Would they be ‘west of London’?

  5. Ernest Horvath | September 21, 2011 at 8:02 am |

    In a free and democratic society the Liberal government sat at Queens Park and voted to take the say away of people who have built their own communities all across Ontario.
    And we thought we lived in a free and democratic society ?
    So that wind and solar developers can sell you power for profit. Wind pays them 3 times conventional rates. Solar pays them 15 times conventional rates.
    Conventional power must partner with alternate energy to ensure constant reliability, so the cost of this power must include the partnered power.
    Gas is not emissions free.
    Virtually all green claims from wind is nonsense. And it is making people ill that are too close to the developments.
    Government says that not the case…..while the people that are affected are getting ill.
    And it’s a global issue…yet they continue to deny any health issues.
    This industry is pulling out the stops prior to election to ensure a Liberal win to protect their massive profits.
    The Scarborough Wind Turbines will likley happen if the Liberals are elected again.
    There is no place in a free and democratic society for a political party that would take away the say and right to have a say from the people that live in their own communities.
    It should be enough to storm Queens Park in outrage.
    Your hydro bills will double shrtly and continue to rise.
    The Liberal cap and Trade will drive more of your costs up as well and take the money you work hard for out of the country.
    Please learn all you can.
    This is the most important election we have had for decades.

  6. It is by now clear to everyone that “Wind Concerns Ontario” is a political organization promoting the Progressive Conservatives. When you start out saying you are concerned with people’s health and then it turns out that everything is Liberals this and Liberals that, and jobs and politics, it become obvious that health issues are all excuses masking a political goal. First they ask for even larger setbacks based on anecdotes already weighed when numerous reviews of the evidence were made by scientists, by health authorities, and by courts. Then it turns out it’s not setbacks, it’s a complete ban they want! No wind power in Ontario, a return to fossil fuels. Sorry, but this type of politics is no good for Ontario’s future, no matter how it’s dressed up.

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