Kingston Road renos hit a roadblock

Kingston Road may finally undergo a makeover.

But it’s not looking pretty to nearby homeowners.

Over 100 residents living near Kingston Road have signed a petition to stop the construction of townhouses on Beechgrove Drive.

Alga Roberts, a resident of West Hill, says she is concerned about the problems these new townhouses might cause.

“It doesn’t seem like a real good area to me. There’s so many [houses] going in and I’m worried about the traffic congestion it might cause,” Roberts said.

Residents said the new houses would allow only one parking spot per person, which causes concern about the traffic flow in the area.

The empty lot was once home to a car dealership and is now the home to a showroom pavilion. If the petition is not effective, the site will become a residential area with the potential for eight single-detached residential units to be built.

But some residents say the construction of new homes may not be a bad idea.

“There is already traffic here,” said Dave Martells, whose brother lives in the area.

“The new houses will only add a few more cars on the road. Residents are just concerned that it will lower the value of their homes,” he said.

The petition has reached Coun. Ron Moeser who residents say will put an end to the project if enough people voice their concerns.

Coun. Ron Moeser was unavailable for comment.

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By: Chantelle Henriques
Posted: Sep 21 2011 11:46 am
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