McGuinty, Hudak spar over green energy, jobs during debate

Ontario’s Green Energy Act got knocked around the political ring as the leaders of the province’s big three parties squared off in tonight’s televised debate ahead of the Oct. 6 election.

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak was right in attacking the Liberal government’s green energy record, Wind Concerns Ontario president John Laforet said following the debate.

“It’s quite clear that the Green Energy Act has been a failure,” Laforet said. “It’s going to be critical that we don’t allow the this act to continue its run.”

During the debate, Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty defended his green energy plan, which he said David Suzuki endorses.

Responding to a question about helping new graduates find work, McGuinty said investing in clean energy technologies creates new jobs.

“I want Ontario to be the best in green energy,” he said.

Hudak disagreed. He said the Green Energy Act is killing jobs.

“Your jobs plan has been a failure,” he said. “Your green energy plan is nothing more than a shell game.”

Though McGuinty and Hudak saved their best jabs for one another, NDP leader Andrea Horwath didn’t escape unscathed.

“I can’t figure out from one day to the next where Ms. Horwath stands on clean energy,” McGuinty said.

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By: Dennis Wu
Posted: Sep 27 2011 10:55 pm
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2 Comments on "McGuinty, Hudak spar over green energy, jobs during debate"

  1. Ernest Horvath | September 28, 2011 at 9:43 am |

    There is no such thing as Green Energy.
    Every form of electrcity production has an environmental impact.
    As intelligent people , you don’t think 500 ft high Industrial Wind Turbines that require hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland don’t impact the environment ? Each unit requires an enormous amount of concrete to install.
    If you want your hydro bills to continue to rise and pay private business 3 x more for wind and 15 x more for solar and pay for gas power plants to provide power when wind and solar cannot then Liberals and NDP are your focus.
    These forms of energy are being used to hand over our hydro system to privatization it has nothing to do with clean air.
    I say this because wind and solar must partner with Gas which creates emissions. Meaning there is no lowering of emissions levels.
    Look to Greece , Spain , Italy and you will see the impact it has had on these countries. Ontario is next.
    Mcguinty’s idea of creating jobs are $12 an hour jobs in solar plants while spending hundreds of millions of your money to do it.
    Each job costs taxpayers $345,000.
    When you go shopping today , or put gas in your car..that is McGuinty’s future for you. As is the NDP plan.
    They are not working for you.
    They are entrenching private business to sell you power at enormous rates.
    And no matter what the promises it means a lower standard of living for you.

  2. What a surprise, John Laforet agrees with his boss about getting rid of green energy.

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