Wong criticized for ‘wearing two hats’ in Scarborough-Agincourt

Controversy continues to swirl in the Scarborough-Agincourt race in the provincial election campaign. The target is on Liberal candidate Soo Wong.

Wong’s decision to run for MPP just a year after being re-elected as a school board trustee has made her the centre of criticism among her opponents – all of whom believe the move to be a potential conflict of interest.

Green Party candidate Pauline Thompson believed the political move to have its own set of problems, one of which being the toll it could take on taxpayers.

“If Soo is elected, she will have to resign her position as trustee and a byelection will have to take place costing municipal taxpayers [around] an additional $56,000,” she said.

“This at a time when Rob Ford is slashing and burning public services to meet our financial obligations municipally, it feels a little cavalier with our hard earned and scarce tax dollars.”

NDP candidate Paul Choi openly attacked Wong at an all-candidates debate a few weeks ago, claiming that Wong would be letting down all who voted for her the first time around. He expects that Wong will be open about this move affecting residents in the riding.

“Considering one cannot be both an MPP and a school board trustee at the same time, it is my hope that candidates would be honest and forthcoming about any potential conflicts of interest,” he said.

“If I become an elected official of Scarborough-Agincourt, I will serve the residents for the full term of my commitment. I think this is the fair and transparent thing to do.”

Thompson had similar sentiments.

“I’m wondering why she ran for trustee if she wasn’t committed to seeing her role through to completion,” she said.

“I think voters expect their elected officials to fulfill their public service commitment.”

Although Wong took her official leave of absence on Aug. 31, she still continues to take on certain responsibilities of being a school board trustee.

She says her salary has been donated to a local rotary club since the announcement of her candidacy in May.

After repeated attempts to contact Wong about the issue, her office said she was unavailable for comment.

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By: Andre Thurairatnam
Posted: Oct 4 2011 7:46 pm
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  1. Ernest Horvath | October 5, 2011 at 6:47 am |

    Cap and Trade is looming this January 2012.
    Nothing has been said in this election about Cap and Trade.
    This agreement will cost households close to $3000 a year in hidden taxes , fees or increased prices in this province.
    It is the beginning of pricing air.
    The money will be dispersed globally to fund 3rd world emerging nations in industrialization through programs for energy , and infrastructure.
    While we begin our downward slide of our quality of life , social services like education , healthcare , pensions , social safety net programs due to less disposable income, and see job losses due to high operating costs for business in Ontario , those jobs will begin moving to these countries.
    Auto manufacturing plants are already being built there.
    And it is just a matter of time before we see Ford , GM , Honda , Toyota leave Ontario.

    Cap and Trade will be more global corporate welfare.
    The shift has already begun moving the economy to 3rd world nations as the new frontier for corporate opportunities.
    Their populations are so enormous , at approx 5 Billion people , and what corporations want to see is the capital going to them to get manufacturing moving and provide jobs for those people.
    The opportunities are enormous enormous once these people in these countries begin to have disposable income the more they can purchase and consume.
    As this happens , Canada and the USA will slowly lose it’s prosperity.
    The provinces that have natural resources to sell to these emerging nations will continue to do very well as long as those resources last.
    Provinces like Ontario , a manufacturing economy will become what the Maritimes once were.
    The Provincial Liberals signed us on the Cap and Trade , the NDP are fully behind the plan.
    We should all get ready for longer lines at foodbanks.
    Those that still have jobs will see higher taxes to bolster the Ontario falling revenues.
    From all the promises thrown out there , there has been no talk of this.

    As Dalton has said , there will be no new tax increases.
    BUT , he didn’t say there will not be NEW taxes coming.
    That you can rest assured you can count on come this January 2012
    Please vote !

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