Liberal supporters defy vandalism in St. Paul’s riding

Liberal Party supporters are refusing to be intimidated by vandalism in a downtown Toronto riding.

Last weekend in the St Paul’s riding, some residents with Liberal Party signs on their lawns had their homes and vehicles vandalized. Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP for St. Paul’s, said that Liberal voters won’t be intimidated.

“What was interesting this time was that it seems that this tactic is not working. I hear from the (provincial Eric) Hoskins campaign that a number of people who had small signs on their lawn have now requested large signs on their lawn,” she said.

Tony Vella, with corporate communications at 53 Division of the Toronto Police Service, said that 10 incidents occurred in the Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue areas as well as the Parkside area. He said brake lines were cut on one vehicle.

Hoskins, who is running provincially in the St. Paul’s riding where the vandalism happened, released a press release on his website.

“I am shocked and saddened by the acts of vandalism and voter intimidation that were carried out against at least eight families in St. Paul’s,” his press release said. “Immediately upon hearing of the vandalism, I visited these families to express my concern and offer my support.”

This was not the first time Liberal supporters’ property has been vandalized. During the 2011 federal election, over 40 houses were vandalised across Scarborough.

Toronto police are continuing their investigation with surveillance. MP Bennett appreciated police efforts to make arrests. Vella said that no one has been arrested or identified, but the police have collected finger prints as well as shoe prints in the area where the crimes took place.

“I understand that last night the police presence was very high particularly on the streets surrounding the area that had been targeted,” Bennett said. “The 53 Division is working very hard.”

Bennett repeated her belief that vandalism wouldn’t prevent party faithful from getting out and voting on Oct. 6.

“I think that people are offended that this kind of thing can happen, but I think the Liberal supporters are motivated to get out and support Dr. Hoskins,” she said.

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By: Janet Piercey
Posted: Oct 6 2011 10:10 am
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