Best re-elected in Scarborough-Guildwood

Liberal incumbent Margarett Best was victorious in help;ping ensure Scarborough-Guildwood stays red.

Claps and cheers greeted Best as she entered her election party at The Prague Restaurant on Oct. 6 after the results of the provincial election showed her safely out front.

By 9:30 p.m. it was clear Best had enough votes to clinch the riding for a second term.

“I’m very excited to see the results coming in,” Best told the media moments after she was declared the winner.

“I have to thank [everyone] first of all for their confidence in me,” Best said. “I have worked very hard in the riding and worked close with people in the constituency.”

She ended up with nearly 49 per cent of the vote in Scarborough-Guildwood, well ahead of Progressive Conservative challenger Gary Ellis with more than 28 per cent and New Democrat Lorri Urban with more than 19 per cent. Green Party candidate Naoshad Pochkhanawala, Libertarian Sam Apelbaum and Mathew Oliver of the Freedom Party finished well back.

“She does an excellent job,” Liberal supporter Ricardo Mckenzie said of Best. “I think they voted for the best person.”

Best said she was able to clinch her riding because she had “the privilege [of working] with the little kids and the seniors and becoming a part of the community.”

Raffy Shouljian, a financial backer of Best’s campaign, said Best was re-elected simply because “she’s here for the right reasons and has proved it.”

All six Scarborough ridings stayed in Liberal hands.

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By: Cole Carruthers
Posted: Oct 7 2011 1:17 am
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