Cansfield re-elected in Etobicoke Centre, but shares the victory

Etobicoke Centre MPP Donna Cansfeild addresses her supporters and staff at her victory party at Oregano Restaurant in Etobicoke. Cansfeild has held this position since 2003.

A Liberal supporter in the Etobicoke Centre riding says it was her candidate’s focus on youth and seniors that made the difference.

Liberal MPP Donna Cansfield was re-elected to her third term in the Etobicoke Centre riding in Ontario’s provincial election on Thursday night. Cansfield had won with 18, 710 votes, and defeated Progressive Conservative candidate Mary Anne Demonte-Whelan who garnered 11, 741 votes. At Oregano Restaurant in Etobicoke, about 150 supporters waited for Cansfield to arrive and celebrate.

They included Juiette Clark.

“We do need people who are interested in health care, seniors, the youths,” Clark said. “The youths are suffering. I believe in the Liberals because they find jobs for people, McGuinty is there for us. It’s not who you love; it’s what the party can do to better the country.”

At the Conservative headquarters in Etobicoke, there was a different feeling in the air. Mary Anne White-Delean captured the mood.

“Disappointed, for sure,” she said. “We didn’t do it. We thought we would.”

At the Liberal victory gathering, Cansfield shared the limelight.

“It wasn’t my win, it was our win. It was all of us together working as a team that made an incredible difference. I couldn’t do it without you, no one person ever wins,” she said.

Cansfield admitted, before she went back to work, she would take a break.

“I’m going to relax,” she said. “I’m going to read the paper with my coffee… I haven’t done that. Then I’m going to prepare for family Thanksgiving.”

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By: Nickie Pulsone
Posted: Oct 7 2011 1:30 am
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