Halloween made easy at Value Village

It’s not Christmas that brings in new customers at the Value Village at Lawrence Ave. E. It’s Halloween.

“Halloween is our big season, it’s like our Christmas,” Jason Boyle, Value Village store manager said. “It always has been and it continues to be. You’ll see our highest traffic  this time of year, it’s when we get our most new customers.”

Boyle said that October is by far their busiest month of the year, mostly because Value Village features many brand new costumes and accessories.

“It’s a great place to shop for used items, people can build their own unique costume from the products that we sell.” he said.

Customer Rob Martinez said he comes to Value Village because “they have a lot of accessories that a lot of places don’t have, or [other places] do have the accessories just at astronomical prices.”

Boyle said Value Village draws three different types of customers.

“The customers that come in and want their prepackaged costumes that are ready to go, some people will buy some used items and accessorize them with the new, and some people are most creative and most budgetary responsible will just go to our used [items] and build their own costume,” he said.

Gabrielle Torres was searching for a prepackaged costume. She came to Value Village because “I went to Party Packagers and Spirits Halloween and [Value Village] is a bit cheaper here and I don’t want to spend a lot of money.”

A Supergirl costume at Value Village costs around $16.99, Party Packagers sells the same costume for $39.99

Nicola Dye, Value Village Halloween consultant said she feels this year is going both ways with people either buying brand new costumes or putting together their own.

“Depending on what the cost is for the already made one and if they can put together one with used items for cheaper, then they will go with that,” she said.

Boyle said that super hero costumes are the number one sellers among children. Iron Man and Transformers costumes are already sold out for young boys, as well as Supergirl costumes for young girls.

Dye said she hasn’t seen a lot of adult shoppers yet because “they’re really just waiting till it’s close to the time but that’s not really the best idea.

“We offer something unique that you can’t get anywhere else and that’s the mix between the new and the used,” Boyle said.

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By: Kayla Kreutzberg
Posted: Oct 17 2011 2:08 pm
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