Transit City petition provides hope for riders

Hang on tight, commuters. Next stop, Transit City.

Toronto can hope again, as the revival of Transit City is back on track. With a petition in circulation, and with just under 1,800 signatures within a few days, let it be heard: Mayor Rob Ford, Transit City cannot be ignored.

And why should it? Transit City means more transit for less money. It covers all corners of the city conveniently. The usual commotion of riding the TTC would be minimized. The premature abandonment of the renovation plan cost the city substantial amounts in cancellation fees and penalties that have to be paid to Ontario. Look at the $333 million lost in federal money from axing the Sheppard East Light Rail Transit (LRT). Money spent on nothing.

Mayor Rob Ford, Transit City cannot be ignored

Does it even make sense that one man can cancel such a huge project with massive repercussions to the city? What happened to city council? What happened to democracy?

It is hoped that more frustrated commuters will rally to the cause and call for the return of Transit City. It should not be difficult finding commuters unimpressed with the underwhelming transport in the city.

Transit City provides faster and more reliable transit to millions of commuters, and it doesn’t waste valuable financial resources already sunk into the project. Ford’s subway plan is not realistic. Considering the money already put into the LRT plans, the proposal of putting subways everywhere instead is ludicrous. The cost of such an ambitious pipedream is too much for the city. And if Ford can cancel such a big project like Transit City the first time around, is it foolish to believe he cannot cancel his subway plans on a whim?

The wheels are in motion to restart the Transit City plan. As the petition grows, so will the commuters’ resolve and the pressure on Ford. If they get it to a vote before City Council, then it will be up to the 45 members that should listen to the city’s commuters, and solve the issue once and for all.The last thing the city needs is Ford taking them for another ride.

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By: Alex Kozovski
Posted: Oct 21 2011 11:48 am
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