Church of Scientology opens in Malvern

An organization that has drawn protests in other parts of Toronto has launched a location in Scarborough.

On Nov. 12, Scarborough’s first and Toronto’s fourth Church of Scientology opened at Neilson Road and McLevin Avenue in the Malvern area. It joins churches on Yonge Street and Broadview Avenue.

Around 70 people attended the outdoor opening ceremony, including Scarborough-Rouge River MPP Bal Balkissoon.

The site was opened by Dr. Sheridan Cyrus, the Scarborough location’s mission holder (the local congregation’s leader).

It was seeing his wife’s fears disappear after a few hours of counselling with the Church of Scientology that got Cyrus interested in Scientology, he said.

She had a plethora of unexplained fears, he said. For example, his wife wasn’t able to walk on sidewalks because she had a deep fear of earthworms, he said.

But after undergoing counselling with the Church of Scientology, his wife dramatically changed for the better, Cyrus said.

The Scarborough opening is exciting for the church, said Pat Felske, the church’s director of special affairs.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. There’s a lot of people out there and they need help, and that’s what we can do with this mission.”

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Other locations in Toronto have been the subject of protests, with a demonstration against the church planned by a group that calls itself Anonymous for Saturday at the Yonge Street location.

But opposition in Scarborough has been quiet and the opening took place without protest.

Malvern residents interviewed in the area were unaware a Church of Scientology was opening and appeared indifferent to it once they were informed.

A worker at the Malvern Presbyterian Church said she did not want to comment on the nearby opening and the reverend at the Church of the Nativity on Neilson Road couldn’t be reached for comment by deadline.

Saroma Baillie, 29, a Malvern resident who attended the opening, said she joined Scientology 17 years ago when she completed its study courses and realized it helped her schoolwork immensely.

“I realized that it actually made a real big difference so I kept my interest up,” Baillie said. “I discovered that there are a lot more things in Scientology that I could use in my own life to help myself.”

Church of Scientology officials said it offers courses and counselling in many areas of life, including relationships and finances, teaching children how to study effectively for school and even tax preparation.

Cryus said he has been active in the Malvern community over the years, helping raise money for a new Anglican church, which opened in 2001. He also helped expand the Malvern Family Resource Centre.

Working with people at the centre and as a dentist in Malvern, many people have asked him for advice for their problems, he said.

“I see there’s a great need for [the Church of Scientology] because people in the area are worried about their finances, relationships, their children,” Cyrus said. “I think these are areas we can help them with.”

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Posted: Nov 14 2011 5:25 pm
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  1. There goes the neighborhood.

  2. I had a friend whose brother was in Scientology for many years. When his mother questioned why a “church” would coerce him into maxing out his credit cards and taking out a mortgage on his home (which he had owned free and clear) he told her he was “disconnecting” from her and not to contact him again. (Per Scientology orders) She died several years later, never having the chance to re-unite with her only child. What “religion” would do such a thing? Imagine if this were YOUR child. This is a despicable crime syndicate posing as a religion, and it utterly destroys people without a hint of shame.

  3. Are you kidding me? This article is a series of standard marketing style testimonials without even a pretense of balance. Gee, it worked for me! blah blah blah. The author should be embarrassed to call himself a journalist.

  4. Congratulations. I am from Toronto, and although I don’t live there now, I am very fond of the city. In fact, I ran into Dianetics and Scientology in Toronto, and I have found them to be very helpful. My wife and I did a communication course which involved actual drills, and that course saved our marriage. All the best with your new center.

  5. This reads more like an advertisement than a news report. Try these instead:

    Scientology’s new Canadian headquarters in isolated location will make it harder for exploited members to escape

    Scientology cult hides abuses behind fancy new ‘church’ fronts, claims millions of adherents despite declining membership

  6. The Godless cult of scientology – I ask you to Google these doctrines:

    scientology + disconnection (ruining families)

    Or, scientology +

    – Deaths
    – Human Trafficking
    – Child Labor
    – Forced Abortions
    – Xenu (their 75 million old alien; doctrine)
    – Fair Game (stalking and destroying critics)
    – Operation Snow White (largest government criminal infiltration EVER in the US)
    – RPF (their own torture prison)
    – OT III (their science fiction “religion” doctrine)

    Don’t be fooled by their lies.

    Thank you,

  7. I was once a member of that cult. They will suck you dry for every penny you have. Be very if you are interested in it and have a look at both sides of the story.

  8. In 1999 the Charities Commission of England and Wales rejected the cult of scientology’s aplication to be a registered charity. The cult failed the public benefit test which determined that scientology was all about the self and is of no benefit to the community at large. They are also not a registered charity in Northern Ireland or Scotland but also with the additional feature that they can’t call themselves a church in Scotland(they are “H.A.P.I.”). So, in the entire UK scientology is not a religion for charitable tax purposes because this “betterment” does not exist or is superficial.

    It will soon be the same in Australia when their newly announced charities commission fires up. Like the UK model, there will be a test for public benefit which the cult will fail on. Currently the Fair Work Ombudsman is also investigating scientology for wage/labour violations, falsely claiming that workers are volunteers. The cult is on a compliance notice. A large law firm has stepped up pursue these claims the the full in a class action if the FWO does not deliver.

    Still in Australia, Janice Eastgate Meyer, the international head of the cult’s extremist anti-psychiatry “jihad” front group (CCHR) is currently on bail awaiting plea on a charge of perverting the cource of justice for allegedly persuading an 11 year old girl in a scientologist family not to go to the police after she was being abused by her step father over a period of 3 to 4 years. Is that what you call scientology “betterment”?

    In Canada, the cult’s fake “secular” drug rehab front group, Narconon, is being exposed by an ex-patient and worker who has relvealed some shocking documentary evidence to the authorities (who are now taking action). There is just too much to mention, so go here to find out more:

    There is an increasing desire in Europe (Belgium and Italy being the latest) to advance legislation which recognises and punishes the kind of coercive practices that scientology engages in. Already Europe leads the USA in protecting its own people from abusive pseudo-religious cults like scientology. It isn’t enough though. It starts with a simple bait and switch scam and can end in loss of liberty and untimely death.

    In the USA There have been countless refund lawsuits by ex-clients of their Narconon front group. There is a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia due to Narconon.
    In Florida there is another wrongful death lawsuit when their rabid anti-psychiatry beliefs interfered with the medication of a boy staying with his scientologits father who allegedly took away his psychiatric medication leading him to shoot himself with his father’s gun.
    There are other cases ongoing and in appelate court over slave labour, coerced abortions and other mental/physical abuses etc.
    If only the USA would be more proactive in a criminal sense instead of relying too much on victims to file their own civil law suits.

    The list goes on and on. The cult of scientology is on the defensive as it attempts to show an apparency that it is expanding in a last ditch attempt to buy masses of real estate with its dwindling war chest for its dwindling and heavily regged membership. I think the theory is “if we build it, they will come”. No they bloody well won’t. We’ve seen it up close and behind the scenes, including leaked docs. It’s a universal statcrash.

    I seriously couldn’t give a flying fig if you want to believe in the moonbattery of a dead science fiction writer and calling it a religion or whatever but you can do that without supporting an abusive criminal cult organisation and you can choose to reject antisocial dogma that labels people as “suppressive”, leading to the disconnection of family and friends who simply do not agree with your abusive policies in your attrition-based homo-novis ubermensch belief system. Don’t go tellng me that other “religions” did this and that. You don’t get a have a 2000 year catch-up on abusing poeople in order to make it evens with oldest of them. When the finger is pointed at your cult for fraud and abuse, you don’t get to twist it round into issues of “religions freedom/persecution”.

    I think some of you sincerely believe that you are helping but you’re not. The only thing you’re helping is your current leader David Miscavige enrich himself and perpetuate the empire of fraud and abuse. When most people think “charity” and “philanthropy” they don’t think “scientology”. It just does not compute and these occasional press puff pieces are useless because on the ground, where it counts, there are no scientology charity shops, soup kitchens, refugee camps or any long term charitable establishment anywhere. It’s all token apparencies at best. Your yellow shirt “volunteer ministers” mostly appear at crisis locations largely for the photo opportunities to include in the next batch of propganda. You really do not do very much at all, actually. Glossy brochures, DVDs and vacuous seminars by the clueless, all under the secret guise of recruitment, begging legitmacy under sick faked-up banners of anti-drugs and “human rights” advocacy, but which have nothing to do with real direct charitible action.

    I pity the scientologist who’s shelled out for this Malvern mission. Most people don’t realise is that the small missions are financed and run completely by indidvual scientologists. It’ll probably disappear, like most of the other little missions do, when the poor mission holder can’t pay their rent and utility bills because they owe the mother cult ridiculous amounts for scientology “tech” licensing fees and stock materials.

  9. No no no no no…

    This article has clearly been written by someone involved with, or completely uninformed about, the inner workings of Scientology! Scientology is a for-profit cult preying on the weak and vulnerable.

    Don’t be fooled! Just because there are Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, and other intelligent people involved, doesn’t mean Scientology is safe, wholesome organization. These professionals can be just as emotionally, and/or psychologically weak as anyone else. Don’t be fooled either by the involvement of Celebrities! Actors and Actresses spend the majority of their lives pretending to be other people. They’re some of the least grounded people on earth.

    Anyone can be swindled by this organization if you’re not aware of the facts… the dangers existent in Scientology! What Scientology doesn’t tell you is that they charge for their courses. To reach the higher levels of Scientology (OT VIII), a person is looking at a $350,000.00 investment or more. Their belief system is based around the evils of an Intergalactic Overlord named Xenu, who banished trillions of “Thetans” to planet Earth (referred to as TeeGeeAck by Xenu), because of overpopulation. Apparently, these “Thetans” infect our bodies, and are the cause of all our conditions and illnesses. The Science Fiction writer (there is your first clue that Scientology is a farce) L. Ron Hubbard, invented Scientology, and claims that Scientology is the only method of ridding the body of these “Thetans”, thus being able to conquer any disease. How convenient!

    I would highly suggest visiting some of the links available below, to confirm the validity of what I have written here. Scientology is not out to help humanity… Scientology is out to exploit the weak and vulnerable, and profit from their eventual demise! Don’t be a victim, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! We, the anti-scientology people, only want to help you!

    Operation Snow White – Scientology’s infiltration of Government agencies around the world for the purpose of exploiting members and achieving Tax exempt status.

    Link #1 –
    Link #2 –
    Link #3 –

    Death of Lisa McPherson – Lisa McPherson was held, against her will, at Scientology’s Fort Harrison hotel in Clearwater, FL. She desperately required medical treatment as she was malnourished, dehydrated, and in a state of severe psychosis. Instead of medical treatment, she was treated with a regime of vitamins, minerals, and some foods (bananas), which she was unable to eat. Her condition was visibly critical (as you can read in the caregivers daily reports). When the decision to bring her to the hospital was finally made, they didn’t drive her to the Hospital in Clearwater… they drove her to a hospital over 40 miles away where she died in transit!

    Link #1 –
    Link #2 –
    Link #3 –

    Operation Clambake – A site dedicated to explaining the truth(s) about Scientology.

    Link –

    Scientology Lies – A site dedicated to exploiting the deceitfullness of Scientology, and the lies it has spread to all of its members.

    Link –

    Rick Ross – An expert researcher, with an interest in exit counseling and deprogramming of former cult members.

    Link #1 – (An unbiased bio of Rick Ross)
    Link #2 –

    Scientology Status by Country

    Link –

    Scientology will have you believe that anyone who speaks out negatively about Scientology is psychotic, bias, a disgruntled former member, etc. This is an organization that has never, and will never, be able to take any type of criticism. Their denial of every single negative claim made against them suggests they believe, and wish to portray the image of, perfection. Any sane human being knows that nobody is perfect, and anyone who tries to portray themselves as such, is clearly delusional.

    Another great example of Scientology’s inability to accept criticism is their childish response to apparently unfounded claims. They slag the names of people who attempt to suppress Scientology. They resort to name calling, petty exploitation of past incidents, and a completely unprofessional, unintelligent, and borderline illiterate essay of anyone, or any group attacking the organization. Scientology will have you followed, videoed, photographed, conduct background checks, solicit your neighbours with fabricated details of you, and even SUE you. They rearely win, and the courts are fast getting tired of Scientology using the courtroom as a playground for personal vendettas.

    Scientology is a sick, twisted, demented, organization. The only reason they make contributions like this to their communities is simply to detract attention from the truth. Scientology will hurt you. They will lie to you, steal from you, brainwash you, and eventually bankrupt you.

    To avoid being considered bias, please see the following links that are pro-Scientology:

    Scientology’s Official Website
    Link –

    Scientology’s Wikipedia Page
    Link #1 –
    Link #2 –

    Scientology Myths (Please note: this page has been created either by Scientology, or independently by a Scientologist)
    Link –

    I hope that anyone reading this, who is thinking about getting involved in Scientology will check out these links. If you’re going to get involved in something you should be informed of both the good, and the bad. There are pro’s and con’s to everything, don’t let Scientology fool you into thinking they’re perfect… they’re far from it. So, if you do choose to get involved after reading all this material, at least your making an educated decision.

  10. L.Ron Mackenzie | November 15, 2011 at 10:35 am |

    I can’t find three other “churches” on Yonge Street or Danforth as claimed in your article. I find one on Yonge, a mission on Broadview and there was once a mission on Danforth near Woodbine but I think it is a music school now. If I am wrong, I am wrong. Maybe it is not a music school.

    The “missions” were once known within the organization as franchises. “Mission” conjures up religious people going to a needy area to help out. “Franchise” conjures up fast food.

    At a certain point Scientology businesses wanted to take “the religion angle” (Hubbard’s own words). He, however, emphasized that it was not a religion. Here is a quote from 1953: “I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my opinion, we couldn’t get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with what we’ve got to sell. A religious charter would be necessary in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick.”

    It is not a religion in Canada but a para-religion and does not have tax exempt status. In the last census they had 1525 members in the entire country. In the U.S. their numbers have been cut in half in the last ten years (by an independent survey). It may be the same in Canada.

  11. ObjectiveReporting | November 15, 2011 at 10:29 am |

    Note the close timestamps of Nancy,Mia and Kendra and the exact same cheery, short marketing blurbs they posted, it’s one Scientology Office of Special Affairs internet astroturfer posting under three different names. Nancy also refers to Scientologists in the third person, deceptively for marketing purposes.

  12. If you ask a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Buddhist for a copy of their scriptures, you’ll get a free copy. If you ask a a $cientologisy for a copy of their “scriptures”, they ask you for money.

    Religion is Free. $cientology is neither.

  13. Good to see the cult slaves posting their usual cut & paste baloney on yet another ill-researched press piece.

    It’s a pity these brainwashed suckers don’t “look for themselves” and see how the (proven) criminally convicted cult (proven) cons people out of their money, families, lives, and liberty. But I guess not knowing what’s happening in the real world is what being in a cult is all about.

  14. This article reads like an ad for Scientology. At the very least you should include a ‘buyer beware’ since anyone getting involved with Scientology will end up buying lots of stuff:

  15. Scientology is a predatory, money-making scam that masquerades as a religion.

    It’s a shame that this puff-piece reporter Mersiha Gadzo couldn’t spend 30 seconds on Google to look up this abusive Cult of Greed.

  16. Beware Scientology when it comes into your neighborhood. It is sold as some kind of wonderful organization that helps people and the community, but everything that is done in Scientology is geared towards making profits and shameless self-promotion.

    Anyone thinking about investigating Dianetics or Scientology should watch for these common Scientology indoctrination techniques:

    1. “Something’s really wrong with you…but we have the solution!” This is the initial come-on. This is why Scientology’s personality test, the so-called “Oxford Capacity Analysis” (which has no ties to Oxford University in any way) always gives results that show a person being deficient in several areas. It’s calculated to give that result.

    2. Scientology staff assuring you that you’re “progressing unusually fast” and laying on the flattery. Typical ego-stroking and “love-bombing” to hold interest. Any positive advances made in one’s life during this time are attributed to Scientology.

    3. Constant reminders that “the next course is even better”, and that you’ll “understand more” after reaching a certain level. The carrot at the end of the stick.

    4. Attempts to get you to ‘go into agreement’ with re-defined words (“knowingness”, “alter-is”) and pseudo-science (“mental mass”, “exteriorization”). A systematic manipulation of a person’s vocabulary and worldview to conform with that of Scientology.

    5. Promises to raise IQ or other abilities, but always with supposed results confirmed using only Scientology IQ tests or a measuring system unique to Scientology.

    6. Mental exercises that stop your critical thought process or make you “blank your mind”, eg: the staring contests and shouting in the Scientology TRs (Training Routines).

    7. Wild claims about the success and popularity of Scientology and L Ron Hubbard, but a lack of actual third-party confirmation, eg: the unfounded claims of 8 million members in Scientology, a 75% success rate at Narconon, etc.

    8. “Here’s another book/manual/recording you should buy, and come to this fund-raising event.” Increasing hard-sell tactics and requests for “donations” of your time, money and resources.

    9. Collection of sensitive or embarrassing confessions during auditing sessions. Watch how the focus of the questioning often shifts to salacious subjects. Your info is not as protected as you think. The Scientology “Auditor’s Code” is not legally binding, nor does it guarantee how the info in your “PC folder” will be used or shared within Scientology.

    10. A subtle (at first) introduction of an “us versus them” mentality via the “anti-social suppressive person” concept. Avoiding “suppressive” people seems reasonable at first, but the definition of a “suppressive” soon becomes a synonym for “anyone who questions or criticizes Scientology or its leaders”. Watch closely for the ways this is constantly slipped into course materials. This is one of the most integral techniques used in Scientology to separate a person from non-Scientology influences.

  17. Scientology wasn’t such good news for Adam….

  18. “Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill… (Scientology is) the world’s largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy.”
    – Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia

  19. This cult that calls itself a church is a bundle of fraud, that will set you back about $500,000.00 to complete all the courses. They promise (doctrine) that you’ll never need glasses, cures all illness, replaces psychiatry (they are intent on destroying the field of psychiatry), that your IQ will go up 1 point per hour of counseling, and best of all: you will be the master in control of all mass, energy, space and time. (They call it MEST).

    They also sell damaging “drug rehab” (Narconon) that not only does not work, but can kill you, and much more. Google any of these things to learn a lot more.

    Allowing a scientology cult in your town will be a disaster. How did you not do the research, and buy into this well-known scam?

  20. Scientology is a vicious money-grubbing international corporation that uses high-pressure sales tactics and brainwashing on its victims, who are mostly un-educated, or at vulnerable points in their lives. Avoid this cult. Check out the latest article about Scientology’s “Money Machine,” from the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times:

    Also: Scientology Critical Information Directory:

    What is wrong with the Church of Scientology?

    Breaking family through its doctrine of “disconnection”
    Doctrine of “destroying utterly” what it perceives as opposition to Scientology, through its “dead agent”, and “fair game” policies
    Long track record of false imprisonment against its own members
    Fanatical, irrational, (and outright creepy) anti-psychiatry doctrine
    Doctrine of hard sell with no regards to the financial well-being of people
    Doctrine of infiltration to gain leverage to spread its own worldview, and to shield against accountability
    Condoning lying to protect and further Scientology goals
    Attack on free speech, in order to keep people uninformed
    A worthless “Personality test” deceptively used for recruitment purposes
    Practicing medicine without a license, while deceptively describing itself as a science that can cure disease, physical illnesses
    Forcing its members to go through mental and physical duress through the “Rehabilitation Project Force” in order to coerce them to comply to Scientology doctrine
    “Suppressive Person” doctrine promoting hate and intolerance
    Treatment of children
    Its track record of using blackmail to prevent its own members from leaving, speaking out
    Track record of destroying evidences to escape full accountability
    L. Ron Hubbard/Scientology vs. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    The Church of Scientology: a hate group

  21. L.Ron Mackenzie | November 14, 2011 at 9:31 pm |

    Journalist Mersiha Gadzo seems to be a stenographer who believes everthing that she has been told.

    Scientology may be about study, tax prep and worm-a-phobia at the early levels. Later, Scientology is about removing the souls of dead space aliens that are clinging to a person’s body which are fighting with that person for control of their mind. People have spent a million dollars and more on these therapies.

    One Toronto doctor seems to support it. That leaves thousands of doctors in Toronto who do not. MPP Bas Balkissoon also seems ignorant of the “church”. A different Ontario government, about 20 years ago, convictted Scientology of breach of public trust, making Scientology the only criminally convicted “church” in the history of our country. During the trial, lawyer Casey Hill was slandered. Scientology and their lawyer were sued in the largest libel award in Canadian history, $1,600,000 CAD.

    I hope anyone who is considering becoming involved with the Malvern office investigates the “church” more than the writer of this article has.

  22. Scientology is a money-sucking brainwashing scam. Watch the video of a spiritual seeker who got drained of $320,000 in one year:

  23. Also wondering why build a new place, the other 3 churches are empty al the time. WE should go by and post a video of this new place to make sure it isn’t a lie as are most of there press releases.

  24. Nice, inspiring story. Good to know that people are being helped overcome their fears.

  25. Please post the address of this place, so we can protest and drive this evil cult out of our fine city!

  26. This is great news! Ive heard about Scientology from a few friends and it really seems like they’re very happy with the impact that its had on their life. In particular, I’ve seen a huge change in my close friends confidence…its through the roof! I’m excited to see what the organization brings to the area :)

  27. ObjectiveReporting | November 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm |

    Scientology, the only “religion” that has been convicted of a crime as an organization, in Canada!

    from Wikipedia,
    On June 25, 1992, seven Scientology members were convicted for operations against the Ontario Provincial Police, the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The Church of Scientology itself was convicted on two counts of breach of the public trust: infiltration of the offices of the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. The Church of Scientology was ordered to pay a $250,000 fine.[4] The Church of Scientology became the only Canadian religious organization to be convicted for breaching the public trust (the term ‘religious organization’ being used loosely; the Church of Scientology is not officially recognised by the Canadian Government as a religion).

  28. Yay for Malvern! I am especially excited about the Family Resource Centre. A big thank you to the Church for bringing valuable resources into the community.

  29. Fascinating opening to this story…I guess that’s why Scientology continues to thrive, it seems to genuinely help people!

  30. I have friends who are Scientologists, and they’ve told me about the amazing things they’ve discovered and achieved ever since they’ve found Scientology. Seems like its worth looking into – they’ve been helped tremendously.

  31. “There’s a lot of people out there with too much money and they need help and that’s what we can do with this mission.”

    I assume the city is giving them some kind of property tax rebate even though they don’t have charitable status in Canada. If Ford is looking for “gravy” why not look into why we are subsidizing a religious-themed commercial enterprise?

    I guarantee that most of the money they suck out of the locals will get shipped down south (and then possibly offshore).

  32. Hey, that is a Dentist, one of the occupations that the “church” targeted. Beware of L Ron Hubbard’s hard sale tactics on his patients – it’s big business. There is a disgraced dentist’s story on Tampabay too.

  33. They are a wack job cult that wants so badly to be thought of as mainstream. It is really a con job only the Scientologists are the only ones who don’t understand that.

  34. Bob, hate and insult is all you can up with in a comment about a new Church of Scientology? Face the fact that there are millions of Scientologists in the world and what they have in common is that they like to help others, donate for it, work of it and tirelessly get trained for it. You can hate that but in the broad picture your perspective comes across as very sick.

  35. Happy to see media whose reporters actually go somewhere, talk to people and report about it. I have a friend in Toronto who passed by the event. She was most impressed about the cheerfulness and optimism of the Scientologists attending. They have big plans and they sound good. All power to them.

  36. The Ronbot Hunter | November 14, 2011 at 6:58 pm |

    The Godless Cult of Sin and Greed is all that we Ex-Scientologists claim it is.
    1. It kills, beats up, harms, harasses, stalks, and in always possible victimizes any ex-member and anyone else that opposes their evil agenda.
    2. In the Sea Org., it forces its slave members to get abortions. It kills innocent babies so the mother can be more productive as a low paid slave.
    3. It uses its slaves to repair the new bought buildings which remain nearly empty, for pennies an hour. Its non-volunteer contracted workers get the lowest wages (.10 to .40 cents an hour) in the civilized world and work the longest (70-80) hours.
    4. It exposes all your own sins and secrets in your endless Security Checks and/or required non-voluntary confessionals to bring you harm and destroy you, when you expose their evil Godless agenda and policy letters.
    5. It has its own prison camp (The Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF– punishment duty for unsatisfactory workers and children) with Ronbot guards with automatic assault weapons, where you are sent if you fail to be very productive or angry or upset with your slavery. Slaves are not allowed to voluntarily leave or even escape and will be shot if they try. 95% of the slaves that finally are allowed to leave, soon leave the cult. The other 5% are sent to “fair game” the rest.
    6. It has broken up hundreds of thousands of families by their Godless policies of Disconnection and Fair Game. Many parents have committed suicide after losing their kids.
    7. If you oppose them, the Godless cult sends their slaves to your neighbors, job, relatives and friends to ask questions in such a way, that makes them think you are a rapist, criminal, sociopath, drug addict, child molester, Gay or Lesbian or a deviant, without any proof or verified criminal complaint. They use this Godless tactic to ruin you, cause you to get fired, and cause your friends and relatives to avoid you or even intentionally cause you to commit suicide.
    8. As a last resort they will poison your pets or let them loose to get run over, break into your house for any evidence to blackmail you, plant drugs in your car or house or hit you to make you retaliate and film you when you do, and then they will sue you and/or have you arrested.
    There are hundreds of other reasons to run from this Godless cult. But I think you get an idea of its evil.
    Please help us Independent Scientologists to bring back ethics, humanity, compassion, honesty and integrity back into the group. Help us stop them!!! Note! all the above has been verified as true over the years by Governments and hundreds of thousands of Ex-Scientologists.

  37. Interesting article. The Church of Scientology has just opened another new Church last weekend (the fourth or firth this year) and I am glad to see that also smaller groups of Scientology Parishes are catching on.

  38. What good news!

    Good to see someone taking charge to bring betterment in people’s lives, as this is what Scientology does.

    Look for yourself. Check out these informational videos and free online courses:

  39. I don’t know why you are promoting these scumbags and their scamming cult with this uncritical puff brochure.
    For some Pulitzer Prize winnng journalism on the subject, Start here:

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