Police still seeking suspect in Malvern Town Centre shooting

Chris Thompson, 35, was shot multiple times at Cut Creator in the Malvern Town Centre at 12:45 p.m. Tuesday. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shamim Jaffer, the Malvern Town Centre manager, was in her office at the time of the shooting and did not hear or know anything until she was notified by security.

The businesses in the plaza have been negatively affected by this incident.

“It obviously has affected the businesses…I normally leave at five and when I drive by it’s not as packed as usual,” Jaffer said.

Sgt. Dan Neilsen said they have not identified any suspects but there is surveillance footage that is being released later today in hopes that it will help them with identification.

“The footage shows a suspect entering and leaving the premises at a distance so I’m hoping that it’s going to assist … it’s a tangible thing, I think people can see how deliberate the suspect was and hopefully it will jog their memories, there were a lot of people that were in the area,” Neilsen said.

The police are still actively investigating. The motive of the attack is unknown, though Neilsen believes it is related to recent events.

“The sense that we’re getting is that it’s over something that has happened recently as opposed to historically … anybody that may have been in the barber shop in the last several weeks or who may have heard, seen anything or knows the victim or if he has any issues with anybody to call me,” Neilsen said.

Police are still seeking help in this investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Neilsen at 416-808-7398.

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By: Kathleen Wright
Posted: Jan 27 2012 7:23 pm
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