Croatian focuses on his blistering serve

TAMPA, Fla. – Ivan Tuduric, a sophomore tennis player at University of Pennsylvania, is a big believer of the quote “fortune favours the brave”.

“Fortes fortuna adiuvat” is translated from Latin, and the Croatian native has the original proverb tattooed down his right forearm.

Tuduric often looks down at his tattoo during matches to mentally prepare himself for his serves and his game.

“It was just the thing that I always found true in tennis,” said Tuduric. “If I push the ball the guy pushes me around and if I go for shots I wouldn’t normally, I win much more often.”

The 20-year-old got the tattoo for his 18th birthday and he uses it as his motto on the tennis court.

When reflecting on his strongest suit in tennis, Tuduric is confident with his serve and the quote coincides with how he approaches the baseline before serving.

“I think it’s a matter of mentality. Some people when they serve, they serve to get the serve in. I serve to win the point directly. I’ve always been a server, that’s what I built my game around, and I learned to trust in it and to rely on it in tough situations because it is [what] gets me out of troubles.”

His offensive mentality and aggressive play carried him to be the only player on the University of Pennsylvania mens tennis team to win a singles match.

“I have always been a very offensive player and my biggest strength was always my serve.”

Tuduric also competed in a doubles match on Thursday with partner Nikola Kocovic and although USF defeated them 8-6, communication and chemistry on the court were not overlooked.

“The funny thing is that I ended up with [Kocovic] from Serbia so we can speak the same language. It’s very convenient, we can talk with each other [about] what I’m going to do on the baseline and the [other] guys have no idea what we’re talking about. So it comes in handy.”

“We play well together. Our games are compatible. We both have big serves so it’s hard to break us. I’m happy playing with him.”

The doubles team throughout the game showed excitement and style when the two were down 40 to love in the fourth set. Tuduric’s big serve came at a perfect time to burst. He was able to bring the team back into the game and win the set with two aces.

“Its more flashier and more entertaining and you can go for some shots that you don’t go for in singles and because you have two guys you can cover more of the court and you can try a lot of things.”

Post game, Tuduric reflected about the positives and negatives of the match and is sure that he and Kocovic will put the game behind them and move forward.

“Its nothing major it’s just a matter of adjusting our game a little bit.”

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