The Bluffs: Scarborough’s hidden beauty

The Observer takes a walk through Scarborough’s crown jewel — the Bluffs.

Mighty Scarborough is home to many areas of Mother Nature’s beauty. For animal lovers, there is the Toronto Zoo, but for those who appreciate landscapes and greenery, the Bluffs are Scarborough’s crown jewel.

Earning its namesake 1793, the Bluffs is located on the along the eastern shore of Toronto’s Lake Ontario coast, stretches 14 kilometres and towers over 211 metres.

The main access to the Bluffs is a steep drive, or walk, down Brimley Road. That leads into the heart, Bluffer’s Park. In addition to numerous marinas and boat clubs, Bluffer’s Park features dozens of walking trails and amazing views, regardless of where you find yourself.

Comprised mostly of glacial sediments since the last ice age, erosion is the most prominent issue facing the Bluffs. In fact, erosion rates increased so much to the point where in the 1970s, six-metre pieces were falling off the Bluffs.

To combat the erosion, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has planted numerous trees, installed advanced water-drainage systems and placed boulders at the base of the Bluffs.

Erosion issues aside, the Bluffs remains a magnificent and a photogenic pocket of natural beauty Mother Nature left for Toronto to enjoy.

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By: Nick Tragianis
Posted: Mar 23 2012 4:52 pm
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