Chocolate store event draws in a sweet crowd of people

Ramsha Jamshaid, 22, and sister Mahveen, 5, pose in front of a crowd during the Sept. 14th screening of The Adventures of Tin Tin (2011). 

A Swiss-based premium chocolate company hosted an outdoor movie screening this past Friday, bringing together family and friends to take part in an outdoor setting.

Lindt & Sprüngli invited customers and surrounding residents to attend a free viewing of the film The Adventures of Tin Tin.

Somewhat similar to the rarely seen drive-ins in Toronto, minus the placement of vehicles, the company positioned 300 seats and a large projector screen at the back of the store’s parking lot at their Markham and Finch location. Guests sat in an open field far away from the noisy roadside and as the evening became darker and much colder, visitors were seen bundled up alongside each other sharing blankets.

Attendees Ramsha Jamshaid, 22, and sister Mahveen, 5, enjoyed the free concession stand of Lindor milk truffles, drinks and popcorn given out by Lindt employees.

”I heard about the free screening of the movie through a friend who shops regularly at the store,” Jamshaid said. “I decided it would be a great opportunity to bring along my younger sister especially since they were playing a kid-friendly film.”

It was the fourth year that Lindt has held a Toronto International Film Festival sponsorship title and in support of the event this year decided to host an informative movie night where the company was also able to converse with new and already existing customers.

”Family movie nights are a great way to bond especially since my family in particular all have busy schedules and tend to get caught up in our own separate lives,” Jamshaid said. “I think it’s a crucial part of keeping a family well connected.”

Jamshaid is a fourth-year student at McMaster University and since she lives on campus and only gets to see her family a few times a year, decided that she would spend quality time with her only sister before departure.

The event took place at 8:30 p.m. and brought in over 120 guests, most being small families with children.

Also among those guests was Matthew Bryce, 27, and his daughter Julianne, 8.

”With school having just started for Julianne combined with me working every day, I barely get to even see her during waking hours,” Bryce said.

The company also shared with attendees secrets of their trade.

”My daughter who has a severe nut allergy got to learn from the company’s employees about chocolates with assorted nuts and the cocoa content of some of their product,” Bryce said.

“Overall I think it was a good experience for Julianne because together we got to do more than just watch a movie together.”

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