Suspected gang member arrested

There has been a suspect arrested in connection with Scarborough shootings.

The suspect, who police identify as a known member of the Galloway Boys gang, appeared in court Friday last week. Police allege that the man is responsible for a shooting that took place in front of a Domino’s Pizza at Lawrence Avenue East and Susan Street on Sept 4, 2011, where three men were shot.

According to police, the suspect is also a suspect in a Nov 4, 2011 shooting at Northfield Drive. Another second suspect associated with the Galloway Boys was also arrested in relation to this shooting on Sept 10.

These acts of violence are but a few in Scarborough’s recent history. Since September of last year, Scarborough residents suffered through at least eight occurrences police connect to gang violence. Some incidences, such as the Aug. 10 shooting of an alleged up-and-coming Galloway Boys leader at the Lawrence East LRT station, may have been an internal power struggle, police say.

But the July 16 shooting at Danzig Street and Morningside Avenue leaves residents more concerned.

“We held a prayer night for the community,” said assistant pastor Greg Banik of the Heron Park Baptist Church.

“This is where it happened,” said Banik, referring to his community. The confrontation and subsequent shoot-out between alleged Galloway Boys and Malvern Crew during the Danzig Street barbecue killed two people and left 23 injured.

The two-hour prayer service took place on Sept. 14 where the congregation, “prayed for healing and peace in the streets and in our hearts,” Banik said.

Banik could not comment on the community’s general attitude, however.

“I have noticed the police presence more often,” said Banik, but could not offer insight into how this presence or the recent arrests affect the locals and their feelings of safety.

Malvern resident, Dean Penafiel, however feels safe in his area north of Sheppard Avenue near Morningside Avenue, but knows where not to travel.

“There are just certain areas you avoid if you can, ones classically associated with gang violence,” Penafiel said. “If I’m going on a run and can avoid those areas, I do.”

Ad-Ham Khamis, 19, faces four counts of attempted murder and numerous gun-related charges after his arrest last Thursday. Ramon Williams, 20, also faces charges.

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A selection of shootings in Scarborough from Sept. 4, 2011 to Sept. 2, 2012.

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