Gold jewellery a hot item with robbers, police warn

Police warn public to keep their gold chains and jewellery safe and out of sight.

“The price of gold is at an all-time high,” Scarborough’s 43 Division officers wrote on their Facebook page on Oct. 5, which is “encouraging robbers to snatch gold chains from peoples’ necks.”

Here are the tips they give to keep your jewellery safe:

1. Do not flaunt your jewellery, and tuck your chain under your shirt.

2. Avoid walking with earphones and texting while walking because the distraction may give criminals an opportunity to rob you.

3. Be wary of any person who has shown a special interest in your gold jewellery.

4. You may want to leave your gold chain at home if you are going to the gym or grocery shopping. Wear your jewellery for special occasions.

5. Walk in well-lit areas and avoid taking short cuts through secluded areas. Always walk with a purpose and if being followed, go into the nearest business or house for assistance and call police.

Police ask that you report any incidents of theft.

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By: Teona Baetu
Copy editor: Zenaira Ali
Posted: Oct 26 2012 6:12 pm
Filed under: News Briefs