Donation will breathe new life into Regent Park skating rink

The Hockey Canada Foundation is making a $300,000 donation to help upgrade a Regent Park skating rink. 

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is expecting a donation from the Hockey Canada Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Team Up Foundation to improve a public ice rink in South Regent Park.

In June 2012, it was announced that a significant donation would be made to upgrade the artificial ice rink, located at Shuter and Sumac streets. However, according to the TCHC and Hockey Canada, those funds have not been transferred as of yet.

Sinead Canavan from the TCHC says there was an announcement that funding would be provided, but the donation hasn’t been given yet because the Hockey Canada Team Up Foundation is still working on it.

“We made an announcement in the fall. Phase 3 of Regent Park includes the area where the ice rink is located. With some of the things happening in Regent Park and the timing, there isn’t an exact figure but we know that Hockey Canada is committed to helping secure funds to contribute,” said Canavan.

“I’m not sure if the changes to the ice rink are going to be immediate but they are going to be a part of Phase 3. The donation is still in the process of being made,” Canavan said.

Chris Bright from Hockey Canada also says the donation distribution is still underway.

“The rink refurbishment will begin in the fall of 2013 with use beginning in the fall of 2014. The Hockey Canada Foundation will be making a $300,000 donation to the Team Up Foundation who will drive the project locally with TCHC.”

South Regent Park resident Fredrick Gibson says he wouldn’t mind if the ice rink was refurbished.

“I think it would be pretty good because I really like the ice rink and I think the other kids would like it too.”

Gibson believes the youth in the neighbourhood would enjoy a new and improved ice rink.

“I think the kids would use it more because I bet it would look like a lot of fun,” Gibson said.

Although he would appreciate a new look for the ice rink, Gibson says the current rink still suits him just fine.

According to the Team Up Foundation website, the MLSE Team Up Foundation has contributed over $6.5 million into community athletics. The foundation was established in December of 2009.

The Toronto Raptors, Toronto Marlies, Toronto FC, as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs all take part in this foundation.

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By: Clarisa Pessoa
Posted: Nov 6 2012 11:36 am
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