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Scarborough stores offer various deals for young hockey players

Several deals are on offer for hockey gear like this for children across Scarborough as the hockey season is in full swing for youth across Ontario. 

Hockey season is in full flow for children across Ontario and some Scarborough-based sports stores are ensuring that young hockey players from initiation to juvenile levels are properly suited at the cheapest prices possible.

One store is Sport Chek’s Eglinton Corners branch at 1920 Eglinton Ave. E. The branch’s manager, Brian Ballentine, says his store has a program that allows parents to buy protective gear like helmets, shin guards and shoulder pads at discounted prices.

Tips to score deals on gear

  • Play It Again Sports, open 7 days a week, also  features many of the top brands of hockey equipment, including Bauer, Reebok and Easton as they host gear for kids as young as 3.
  • National Sports is in the midst of its Big 60 sale, which offers clearance-priced discounts off every piece of equipment in the store, including as much as 55 per cent off Bauer hockey sticks and $60 off skates.
  • When you buy items such as wood sticks, composite shafts and replacement blades at Sport Chek, you will get half off the next such item you buy.

Additionally, Ballentine outlined the store’s junior trade-in program, in which parents get 50 per cent off new hockey equipment bought the following season once their kids have outgrown gear worn the year before.

“You want to make sure the skate fits right, but the big concern with parents is that they grow out of them so quick,” he said. “With those incentives, you can get them in the proper fitting size. It’s got to fit properly so they can learn properly. Otherwise they are going to be frustrated.”

Play It Again Sports, based at 2488 Gerrard St. E., also has discount programs. However, the store’s manager, Stephen Gulpin, says used equipment is popular at his store given that it is half the price of new gear, including skates.

“We carry used skates that start at $25 and they can go up to a couple of hundred dollars, depending on the skates,” he said.

Additionally, Play It Again Sports contributes money towards new equipment for kids once they can no longer fit into what they have.

“Instead of throwing it in the garbage, you can bring it here and we can give you money to buy other equipment,” Gulpin said.

National Sports, based at 1455 McCowan Rd., does not have a trade-in program. However, it does have packaged deals that help young hockey players get fitted from head to toe for a base price. However, what makes National Sports unique, according to store manager Simon Kennedy, is the fact his store has a fitting squad that ensures the comfort levels of aspiring players.

“We make sure that not only are you getting your equipment at any level, it’s getting fitted properly, for their safety and their performance,” he said. “If they don’t know the sport, how it’s supposed to fit, why it’s supposed to fit that way and what it protects.”

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