Naturopaths meet for workshops

Those interested in naturopathic medicine gathered at Yuri’s Village on Nov. 17-18.

Bringing like-minded people together is a central idea behind two-day health and wellness workshops provided at Yuri’s Village, a naturopathic health clinic on Greenwood Avenue at Danforth.

Among the recent seminars was one in which health practitioners and artists collaborated under the theme “Health, Food, Creativity,” on Nov. 17 and 18.

Dr. Yuri Murakami, a naturopathic physician, wants more people to be conscious of healthy living.

“The big thing is the awareness,” she said. “Awareness to a variety of services in the community, and awareness in people to experience how these services help their health. Also, awareness to the importance of creativity and food are a big part of wellness. This event is about discovery of yourself, community services and new people you meet.”

Through advertisements, newsletters and e-mails, Murakami attracted dozens of participants interested in healthy and natural living.

Yuri Ito, a participant pleased by the first day of workshops, forwarded the newsletter to many of her friends. Some of them joined her the same day.

“(For) people who don’t believe in these natural remedies or alternative medicines, it is good idea to see and experience it,” Ito said.

This year, Murakami made the event free, a decision that was greeted positively.

“I thought it was really wonderful that things were free. You could donate if you want to, but that makes it so much more accessible,” said participant Adrian Sheepers. “You know they are not doing it to make money. They are doing it because they feel that it is important, and I think that made a huge difference in wanting to be a part of it.”

There were varying workshops, from Kundalini yoga and tai chi chuan to a discussion on chocolate.

Tai chi instructor Jacqueline Kortright explained what she had in mind for participants.

“I will start with some meditation to begin the experience,” Kortright said. “A series of mudras, postures that bring your body and mind into alignment (to) direct your intellect and open your vital energy system.”

She worries that people are unmindful of healthy living’s importance.

“Our western mindset can be a bit fractured in some sort of ways. It’s hard to see well-being and quality of life as separate,” Kortright said.

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By: Rebecca Raveendran
Posted: Dec 3 2012 3:12 pm
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