Urban fishing possible in Scarborough

No need to leave the city for some fishing

Believe it or not, the GTA has some of the best fishing spots in southern Ontario. Some of these great spots are even in Scarborough.

Practically anywhere you go along the shore of Lake Ontario will offer decent fishing, but the hot spots include Bluffers Park and the Rouge River.

While fishing in Toronto is legal, if you’re between 18 and 64 you will need to get yourself a fishing license and carry it with you anytime you’re fishing in the province. You can find out more by visiting the City of Toronto website!


Carp in Lake Ontario can range from one to 25 pounds. They prefer calm, shallow water and are known as “bottom feeders.”



Pike can grow up to 20 pounds, and have a diet that mostly consists of smaller fish. They prefer weedy, muddy water.



A smaller fish that at is usually between 6-12 inches. They stay in shallow water and using worms is the best option for catching them.


Largemouth bass

Bass max out at about five pounds. They are known for staying in soft bottomed areas near docks and seawalls.


Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass are known as the hardest fighting fish in fresh water. Similar to the largemouth, they stay near docks and seawalls.



Sunfish are easy to catch and very common. Their bright shiny colours make them popular with kids.


Bullhead catfish

Catfish can grow up to 14 inches. They stay near the bottom and the best bait to use when fishing for them is worms.

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