Councillors hopeful for transit after Ford’s win

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn’t the only one who is happy about his recent court victory.

Many Scarborough city councillors have renewed optimism about subway transit expansion to Scarborough.

Ford won his appeal after months of court cases involving allegations of conflict of interest.

“I am very pleased with the decision,” Gary Crawford said, city councillor for Scarborough-Southwest. “The mayor was democratically elected, and a judicial court has made a decision.”

“I think that it was the right decision,” Mike Del Grande said, Scarborough-Agincourt city councillor. “He has a lot of support here in Scarborough. He has (stuck) up for transit.”

It seemed that the Scarborough subway debate was dead when council voted instead for an LRT line on Sheppard East. Ford’s successful appeal gives Scarborough councillors the chance to keep the subway issue alive.

“The subway expansion is still on his agenda, and it’s still on mine,” Norm Kelly said, another Scarborough-Agincourt councillor. “Transit expansion is perhaps the single most important thing he can do for Scarborough.”

Several Scarborough councillors also commented on Ford’s embattled past and his future in the mayor’s chair.

“There are 45 councillors all with different opinions,” Crawford said. “There are people that have a vendetta against him, but it takes energy away from maintaining the city.”

“His opponents will keep going after him,” Del Grande said. “They have no reason to give up.”

Ford has hinted at the possibility of running for re-election after he won his appeal. Kelly believes he needs it.

“A four-year term does not give enough time to understand and maintain the city,” Kelly said. “If he wants to stay and finish his work, he has every right to run for re-election.”

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  1. Perry N. Shaw | February 7, 2013 at 7:04 am |

    “He has visions of more subways…” – a vision without a realistic (or any) funding plan is a pipe dream. THAT’s why it wasn’t approved.

  2. retired again | February 2, 2013 at 10:21 pm |

    sorry a subway in scarborough who pays the people who live downtown or we privatize and let the mayors pals make a buck like the harrisites made in the privatization of a portion of hydro and the hgy 407

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