Withrow Park earmarked for upgrade

Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher hopes to secure $250,000 for Withrow Park upgrade.
Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher hopes to secure $250,000 for Withrow Park upgrade. (WithrowPark)

Kids rejoice! The playground at Withrow Park is getting an update.
Area residents met with Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher and a city planner at Frankland Community Centre on Logan Avenue on March 18, to discuss what parents and kids would like to see done with the playground.
City of Toronto senior landscape architect Alex Mut headed the meeting, offering participants ideas by showing pictures of other playgrounds and playground equipment. He stressed that the project is still in the conception stage.
“The idea of these preliminary meetings is to find out what people are interested in having, seeing what that wish list would cost and seeing where the money can be found,” said Mut.
There is no official budget for the project yet, however, Fletcher is confident she can get $250,000 for the upgrade. Every park gets about $125,000 for updates and touch-ups, and Fletcher can re-direct some funding from other projects as well.
“I was advocating for this particular park to get an upgrade. We have a certain amount of money every year for replacing equipment,” Fletcher said. “I thought this would be a good place for that, and I will find some other park’s money so that we can have a really great upgrade.”
Fletcher said the project could be completed between fall 2013 and spring 2014.
Residents are happy to hear of upgrades to Withrow Park’s playground, with some feeling it is long overdue.
Local woman Andrea Konarzewski described the playground as being “in need of attention.”
The playground in question is south of the fenced off children’s play area, close to the Logan and Hogarth intersection.