Spring’s calling for colour

It's the time of year to watch out for the latest trends, but for students on a budget it could get tricky

Thrift stores like Value Village are sprawled throughout the GTA and have been a popular spot for the fashion-minded on a budget, March 31 2013. 

Spring is finally here and splashes of colour are what it’s all about.

Bright, bold and neon seem to be the trend right now, so don’t be shy to add a little punch to your spring wardrobe, even if you are on a budget.

Retail fashion expert Aprille Radam, who has been in the retail business for eight years, has noticed a transition from flowing clothing to stronger lines this season.

“Pops of colour, brightening on colours, neon yellows mixed in with blue,” Radam said. “Also black and white is a definite trend right now heading into spring and it’s accented by ponte fit dresses, shirts and skirts.”

For the stylish student, adding to the spring collection doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. If you spend, then save it for staple items that last longer.

Tollethia Shepherd, retail associate at Scarborough Town Centre, says the maxi dress is worth investing in because of the flexibility it offers.

“You can use it in so many ways,” Shepherd said. “You can add a denim vest to it, a denim jacket or a belt to it. You can dress it down with scandals, whatever you like.”

Radam has also observed the younger crowd, 18 to 24, have a more casual lifestyle approach. Floral patterns are popular and printed t-shirts paired with a boyfriend blazer or jeans create an edgier look.

Radam’s advice for the fashion savvy on a budget is to invest in a good quality basic t-shirt.

“Even a plain white, black and grey shirt,” Radam said. “Because you can dress it up in so many different ways. You can tuck it into a skirt, wear it with jeans and add a chunky necklace, you can wear it with leggings or an oversized blazer.”

Nicolette Mendoza, journalism student at the University of Toronto Scarborough, tries her best to budget when it comes to clothes. As a student she pays rent and averages 15 to 20 hours of work a week.

“I buy practical things,” Mendoza said. “Tops or blouses are something I can wear casually, but if I need to dress up more, it can be dressed up and still look professional, something versatile.”

Students like Mendoza may have a soft spot for fashion, but sometimes they have to be patient and express some self-control.

“Buy things you know you will wear and not just because they are on sale,” she said.

Everyone is different. Whatever your style is, there is an affordable colour out there for you, so have some fun and add a little spring to your step this season.

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Posted: Apr 6 2013 10:09 pm
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