Five favourite patios

A tour of some of Scarborough's outdoor eateries

Canyon Creek at Scarborough Town Centre is perfect for bathing in the sun while dining. 

As summer approaches, Scarborough residents will come out of hibernation in search of the best patio to spend their time.

A lot will not want to make the time-consuming trip downtown to enjoy a wonderful patio, and they don’t have to. Scarborough has some great place to eat and drink outdoors.

One is Canyon Creek Chophouse at 430 Progress Ave. It has a great atmosphere to slug some back and enjoy the sunshine. Kristina Frizzell, service manager at the restaurant, thinks it takes more than just a nice patio to ensure a great experience.

“We have that home feeling. We don’t necessarily have to have that fine dining etiquette. Our standards are set very high, and I think that’s what differentiates us,” Frizzell says.

The atmosphere at Canyon Creek is a sight to see, and the food is just as good.

“The best dish — hands down — is our prime rib. For our steak, it is the eight-ounce chipotle sirloin with a tobasco rub topped with a goat cheese butter,” Frizzell says.

Any customer can come for the food, but will end up staying for the overall experience the restaurant can offer.

“Our staff is what makes it memorable,” Frizzell says. “We have also added some landscape designs to it (the patio), and there are no trees around so it’s just the bright sunshine in your face all day. It’s a really nice place to come and enjoy the rest of your evening while the sun goes down.”

Next up is The Olde Stone Cottage, at 3750 Kingston Rd. It was originally built in 1867 as a family home, but has had a few different businesses in it since. Mary Mahwinney, Olde Stone Cottage employee, says the success of the 30-year-old pub is simple.

“Our food is great. Our service is great. And our building is beautiful,” Mahwinney said.

As it stands, The Olde Stone Cottage is a heritage building, and with the simple beauty of it along with the amazing daily deals they offer, it’s an excellent summer choice for anyone.

Thirdly, we have Boston Pizza at 400 Progress Ave. The chain of Boston Pizza is obviously successful, and there’s good reason for it.

Monica, the day manager at the restaurant, thinks the restaurant can be for anyone.

“We have a family crowd as well as older people. We have different crowds and regulars, and also sports fans. The bar and patio area is mostly used by people 25-45,” she said.

There is also a large projector located in the bar area for when it gets busy on those fight nights or hockey nights. As for the patio, in the summertime it’s full of events and giveaways for anyone of legal age.

“Every two to three weeks we have a party going on. We throw four to five patio parties over four months. We have prizes like hats and t-shirts. Usually if it’s a patio party we throw out particular things, like home fridges, televisions, and other small prizes. The patio girls come too, like the Budweiser girls,” she said.

Shoeless Joe’s at 245 Morningside is located in a thriving area of town, and easily accessible for anyone looking for good eats.

Chris Fusis, owner and operator, thinks the reason Shoeless is a fan favourite is because it can be diversified.

“We have a little bit of everything. We can cater to the dining crowd, to families, but we also have our lounge/bar side that caters to the sports fan and to groups of friends who just want to come in and have a drink and relax and the same holds true for our patio as well,” said Fusis.

So whether it’s a beer and hockey game, or a family dinner for one’s birthday, Shoeless has it all. And the food is delicious.

“Two of our most popular dishes right now are the baha chicken sandwich, and our apple cheddar bacon burger. It’s pretty popular because it’s versatile for different palettes and stuff like that,” said Fusis.

With amazing food, and wonderful atmosphere, and a excellently placed patio, what else could Shoeless have to offer?

Well, the patio can even be reserved for personal parties.

“We’ve held birthday parties, anniversary parties, team functions, and even just friends getting together. We recommend they come in and reserve it for a specific time and date so that we can let our regular guests know that that area is being reserved for a private function,” said Fusis.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sports Café Champions at 2839 Eglington Ave. This sports bar has a good-sized patio to enjoy the summer, and even some gambling.

John Efstathiadis, the owner and manager of Champions says that this sports/track betting bar is full of loyal patrons.

“The patio gets very busy during the summer, and it’s mostly regulars. They get used to the patio and the betting,” he said.

With a bar full of regulars, there has to be a reason they keep coming back.

Dexter Hall of Guyana, a frequent Champions patron, loves that he has somewhere to go and lay back.

“This is a very interesting place. For me, I like it. I’m from Guyana and they have places like this but they’re not as sophisticated as these ones here. I don’t know if they’re a little more modernized there. My dad used to play sports, so it brings that kind of vibe when I’m here, and you can have a beer and just relax,” said Hall.

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