‘Positive ticketing’ introduced in Scarborough

Toronto police at 42 Division start issuing tickets for good deeds

Free food for a good deed? Sounds good to Scarborough.

Toronto police 42 Division launched a system of “positive ticketing” April 10.

Unlike traditional tickets that penalize citizens for offences, these “positive tickets” reward people for performing good deeds.

Other criteria include helping the police and assisting fellow citizens. Police officers will issue the positive ticket on site.

Each ticket is attached to a coupon that gives the recipient discounts and free products from sponsors. McDonald’s Restaurants and Pizza Pizza, as well as some local businesses, are major sponsors.

Toronto police say they hope this innovative approach will give officers a tool to thank community members and encourage positive contributions to society.

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By: Ali Raza
Posted: Apr 10 2013 8:32 pm
Filed under: News News Briefs