Speaker extols high-alkaline foods

The boost of energy you need for a healthier life — or even just softer skin — may lie in alkaline purification. Janette Annecchini, “alkaline coach” and founder of the Yoga Junction, discussed the positives of alkaline purification and the negatives of acids and toxins in the body during a recent seminar at the Big Carrot natural food market on Danforth Avenue.

“The presence of alkalinity plays an important role in the purifying of the body, and we’ve honed in on this overlooked component to promote better health care from the inside out,” said Annecchini.

Created by Dr. Peter Jentschura, a former German biochemist, the “alkaline approach” consists of raising the natural alkaline levels in our bodies, and that, advocates believe, can help treat joint problems and heart failure. According to Annecchini, alkaline-rich foods like tomatoes, carrots and or flax seeds target these corrosive salts or “impurities” that surround our organs and cleanse them out of our system.

“There is always a cause and effect with healing and we figure that out by understanding that disease is nothing but the logical consequence of unhealthy habits… so we develop ways to combat this,” said Annecchini.

Trained by Jentschura, Annecchini shared with audience members what she learned from him. Using what she jokingly refers to as Jentschura’s three commandments, she shared three simple steps to a long and healthy life. According to Annecchini, these steps boil down to avoiding harmful things like sugar, household chemicals, as well as eating and drinking better. In addition, she expressed the importance of keeping active.

Although many in her audience seemed to be in agreement with these methods, others, like Jerethal Kethurr, were still on the fence about the benefits of alkaline purification.

“I like that they focus on the biological effects of different foods, but I’m unsure on how worthwhile this alkaline business and other practices are for me,” said Kethurr.

Whether one agrees or not, Annecchini believes many of the steps in alkaline purification can be followed, since they are universal tools to a better life.

“By getting fresh air and taking those moments for yourself to reflect… all of these lead to alkaline body reactions and strengthening our bodies resistance [to diseases],” said Annecchini.

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Posted: Jul 31 2013 2:13 pm
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