Running on: Terry Fox continues to inspire

Toronto joins the world in marking Marathon of Hope

Angelica Bottaro

Angelica Bottaro

The 33d Terry Fox run took place around the world, including a smaller run at Cedarbrook Park in Scarborough.

The run started at the park and continued up through Bendale and Thomspson Park, looping off the halfway point at Birkdale Park.

Volunteers were there to set up a foolproof course, encourage runners, and even provided snacks and drinks along the trail.

Ken Pearson used to run in the marathon because of how inspired he was by Terry Fox.

“I think Terry Fox is one of the greatest people that ever ran across Canada. I used to run the 10k by myself, but in 1998 the course was so bad I got lost up in a subdivision wondering where I was.

“After that run, I told myself I could do a better job at identifying a course. The next year I volunteered and have been doing it ever since,” Pearson said.

Veteran runners, Rickie Quinn and Bev Smith are friends that have been running together in the Marathon of Hope for over 15 years.

“We do it because of Terry Fox. He’s an inspiration,” Quinn said.

“Rickie and I had a good friend who passed away early due to cancer, and I lost my mother to it so we just support anybody we know who is living with cancer or has passed away because of it,” Smith said.

This year, though, Quinn and Smith recruited another friend who has been affected by cancer. Erika Gass may have only recently got involved, but it’s something she will continue to do.

“My friends got me into it, and it’s a heck of a good cause,” said Gass. “I had people that have died; my aunt died of cancer. And we will continue this as long as we possibly can.”

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