TTC rolls out new bendy buses

The new articulated buses will hit the streets this December, starting with the 7 Bathurst route.  

The TTC will be getting more bang for its buck with their newly- introduced articulated buses, which promise more efficiency in moving more passengers for lower cost.

The first articulated bus will hit Toronto streets in December, starting on the number 7 Bathurst route.

The new buses offer enhanced accessibility, more doors and improved boarding times. TTC says the overall payoff is more reliable service.

“The TTC is really excited about these new, accessible, articulated buses. We’ll be progressively be rolling them out onto our busiest routes starting in December. They’ll carry more riders and with three doors, boarding and exiting will be quicker,” Mike DeToma, TTC Senior Communications Advisor, said.

The TTC has ordered 153 bendy-buses at a total cost of $143.7 million, to be rolled into service on the most high demand routes. TTC expects to have all the buses in service by by January, 2015.

Articulated buses will operate on the following routes:

–       7 Bathurst – December 2013

–       29 Dufferin – January 2014

–       36 Finch West – Spring 2014

–       63 Ossington – Summer 2014

–       6 Bay – first bus Summer 2014

–       85 Sheppard East – Fall 2014

–       53 Steeles Express – Fall 2014

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By: Lauren LiBetti
Posted: Oct 7 2013 6:16 pm
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